Wild sunflowers in a cornfield

Transitions can be hard. On the other hand, the process of changing from one thing to another; a career or a home, for example, might be a change you desire. But, even if it’s your dream come true, transitioning into that new piece of your life consumes energy, patience, courage and the passage of time.

Temple, Texas, Transition

We rocked our transition to Temple, Texas. We live in our dream home with a swimming pool in the backyard! And, warm enough weather to enjoy it regularly 🙂 However, this process of putting down new roots had some surprising and unnerving parts. I adored creating a home from the bare walls of our brand new house. (I’ll be sharing more about that in a couple of days). We’re enjoying exploring the area, discovering new restaurants (I talk about 5 of our favorites here). And, spending time getting to know the nearby towns, as well as those in distant counties. Can you tell we’re happy, satisfied, and looking forward to making new memories with each other, our kids and grandkids down here?

Purple wildflowers.

I recognize a sense of confusion and sadness as a time of semi-grieving the loss of my former home. I know that Poulsbo, Washington will always be my home town, but I live somewhere else now. Time helps. Loving everything about ‘here’ helps. My heart believes more and more that Temple, Texas, is home. Thinking about visiting Washington sets off some wonky emotions for now. Like they say on the TV shows, I’m a little conflicted because one day I want to go back ‘home’ and see all my friends!

The New Kids on the Block

Transitions in the neighborhood.

So many things are new for us here! We’re both fully retired, so we’ve had to find new ways to fill our days. Don’t get me wrong! That’s been pretty darn fun. But, again, it’s another transition. Rick works in our new yard and keeps up with the pool while I write, decorate, and shop! I’ve also been enjoying making new friends. Our neighborhood overflows with NEW PEOPLE. So, most everyone wants to get acquainted and create relationships. We’re all the New Kids on the Block!

Yes, Ma’am!

Wow, popping into a new community involves a huge learning curve! And, if it’s a new state, that adds a whole ‘nother layer of stress. Where and how do we get our new driver’s licenses? What’s the best cable/internet company? What church will we get plugged into? And, the killer question…WHERE WILL I BUY MY GROCERIES?! Thank goodness for the internet. Plus, asking lots of questions of locals helps. We found immediately that most Texans are ‘neighborly’ and want to help. Yes, ma’am!

We’ve answered all the questions, taken care of all the details, and have landed in an outstanding church that’s only about five minutes from our house. H.E.B. is the best grocery store ever, and there’s a Wal-Mart nearby for Rick’s trips to ‘The Mart’! I’ve hooked up with a fun Bible Study group that launched several solid, growing friendships and lunch dates at new restaurants!

God likes Wildflowers and Transitions

Isaiah 43:19 For I am about to do something new.
Isaiah 43:19

I don’t know if you’ve seen that Bible verse from Isaiah about ‘doing new things’ (see the graphic of Isaiah 43:19). I have it posted on the blog because of it’s meaning for me. For several reasons, actually. One, it tells me God loves an adventure. He loves new things and bringing us into new things. Two, it tells me that He was involved in getting this process started. Remember, our story the Texadus? I believe He orchestrated that ‘new thing.’ And, third, it tells me that He’s with us in the moving, in the getting settled, and in all the rest of the day to day things we do from here on out. (If you’re interested in reading the rest of the section in Isaiah, it’s pretty cool.)

Texas Wildflowers

Purple wildflowers
Wildflowers near the Lake Pointe Cows!

The wildflowers of Texas worked their way into my heart! There are beautiful wild flowering plants in the PNW. Our rhododendrons are amazing. But, the fields pop with bright colors starting in March and April with the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. Those fields are now full of Sunflowers and the sweetest purple blooms. I’m not sure what’s coming next. But, I LOVE being surprised by these happy blossoms in places that you wouldn’t expect to see them.

Transitions and Wildflowers

Beautiful wildflowers in a field that is in transition.
Beyond our fence

Our new life here started as an empty field (literally before construction started) and has been filled over and over with the rich wildflowers of a beautiful new home, new friends, and wonderful experiences. As we continue into the ‘settling-in’ part of our transition, I plan to focus on finding the ‘wildflowers’ that continue to pop-up in the oddest places. And, maybe even pick a bouquet (if I’m sure there aren’t any snakes in that field!)

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