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It might be time to organize your pantry. It’s kind of like a closet for your food. And, it can get just as unorganized! Time goes by, things pile up, food gets old, and you start to not see what’s going on. Until you’ve realized you’ve gone ‘pantry blind’ (like ‘nose blind’ 🙂 ). This realization might happen because you’re wanting to be able to create tasty pantry meals (see Easy Meals from Grandma’s Pantry here!), or you have company and you’re seeing things with different eyes, or you just recognize how hard it’s gotten to find ingredients.

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If you believe it’s time to organize, we’ll look at some tips to do this as painlessly and efficiently as possible. There are 5 steps listed here and a cool free Magic Pantry Organizer near the end of the post. I’ve just been through the process, so I will share my experience and shopping tips.

#1 Know What You Have

No plan, just storage containers and some jars, but it's a place to start organizing your pantry!

If you do think it might be time to organize your pantry, take a long, hard look at the space you use for storing your canned goods, baking ingredients, and snacks. Go a little deeper and do a mini-inventory of the foods and food products you have in there. Are there tons of cans? Several big boxes of cereal? Check it out. You’ll get a clearer picture once you start into the next steps, but having an idea of what you’ve got will help you determine what you’ll need in Step #2.

#2 What Containers will You Need?

Once you have an idea of how much and which types of foods you have, figure out the containers you have and if you’ll need more. This is an essential step in organizing your pantry! Maybe you want to do a complete pantry remodel and purchase all matching baskets and bins. Maybe you want to invest in the wire mesh ones. So cute, but a little pricey for me. My goal this time around was to have my Dollar Tree baskets stay with the mostly white theme! Those little standing shelves work great for putting cans above and below. I got four of them and organized my cans by type. (There is a LOT of tomato sauce!)

The next purchase was two sets of hard plastic, air-tight Canisters at Walmart. I love them, they’re stackable and can handle my flour, cornmeal, sugars, candy for baking, etc. Our Texas pantry was hanging up a welcome sign to some little friends who are particularly partial to flour, so going air-tight was essential! Still on my shopping list are a couple of lazy Susans for oils and vinegars and other tall jars. Two more spice racks (Amazon’s got them You might also want a few air-tight Tupperware type containers for your cereals and pasta. This is especially important if you keep sugary cereal on hand for big kids or little grandkids. 🙂

#3 Organize your Pantry through Re-Arranging

While shuffling things around and trying to think outside the box and with the encouragement of my daughter-in-law, I discovered two sets of upper cabinets were totally empty. I hesitate to put things up high because it always requires help from a taller person or dragging out the step-stool. So, we’ll see if this works. Things we don’t use very regularly are up there at this point. In doing this small shift, lots of shelf room was opened up in the pantry. Another truth is that some things belong in the garage and that’s okay.

We have already talked about the seasonings and spices moving into their new organized home in the kitchen. In order for that to happen, the cookbooks that aren’t on display moved upstairs (upper shelf) and the bottles of oil and vinegar, steak sauce, and teriyaki moved up a shelf and will be rotating on a lazy Susan soon.

Get to work organizing! Sometimes you have to try different plans before you're happy with how your pantry looks.

#4 Organize your Pantry by Emptying it Out First

Bring the food down and out from the pantry. Think garage or closet de-clutter, where you make the piles. The throw-away, give-away, keep and sort piles work here to a certain degree. If you’ve got a lot of canned goods that could go to a community food bank, that would be great. But, your throw-away and sort piles will probably get the most action. Check dates. I tend to slide on the spices. They just don’t seem to get used up and so they hang around for too long.

Once you’re done sorting and throwing and giving, you’ll have an even clearer idea of what you’ll need in terms of storage containers to use in your organized (yay!) pantry.

Oh, and by the way, make sure to wipe those shelves down with hot soapy water (no bleach in a pantry). You might also want to put down some protective paper; waxed paper works well in this role.

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Look at that beautifully organized pantry. So pretty.

#5 Create the “Organize your Pantry Plan”

For this step, think re-arranging furniture! You’ve got all the food that belongs. You’ve got the containers to hold the food and keep it organized and fresh. And, you’ve got plenty of room to place all the pieces of ‘furniture’.

Put a little thought into what you’ll be putting where. Do you want the snacks it eye level or higher up out of temptation’s reach? Maybe you want to put all the baking products near each other? Or, do you want to organize by meal? You’ve probably got some Zip-Locs and aluminum foil in the mix, so where will those products go?

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Let’s Wrap it Up!

Organizing (or re-organizing) your pantry is a major accomplishment. Congratulations are in order for when you’ve ARRIVED! It would be so much fun if we could all do a ‘Pantry Crawl’ and cheer for each other’s hard work and rave over the beautiful spaces we’ve created. It’s a fact that not all pantries are created equal, so whether yours is a separate room or a section of the cupboards in the kitchen, the space can be organized and efficient and you deserve to feel proud when it is!

**Please comment below with questions or pantry organizing wins. We want to hear and help if we can.

Matthew 6:11 to motivate an organized pantry.

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