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Book Recommendations

Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison by Heather Holleman

THE most life-changing Christian book I have ever read (I’m currently on my 4th time through). The concept of having a seat at the table with Jesus and all of its ramifications triggered an almost total shift in how I view myself and my place in this life. “Many of us live in a prison of self-absorption. Shackled with pride and despair, we compare ourselves to others constantly in our frantic, unending pursuit of perfection. Seated with Christ gets to the root of this behavior and charts a path to freedom.” (from the Amazon description).

Psalm 23 – Bible Study Book: The Shepherd with Me by Jennifer Rothschild

I did this study with a small group of dear friends and let me just say, it’s amazing. If you can get a group going and find a way to get the videos (see Lifeway for info) they really enhance the learning experience. I absolutely love the 23rd Psalm so it was a huge treat to go deep into the background and practical application for our lives.

Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children: Trusting God with the Ones You Love

A wonderful book for moms with adult kids. Many relevant topics are covered using biblical principles and real life stories to encourage hope and belief. Scriptures turned into prayers are included at the end of each chapter. Practical, real, helpful!

Spotify Playlist

The Real Me Playlist is full of worship songs and songs to remind you who you really are!

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