If you would classify yourself as a Next Chapter Woman (60+, possibly retired, maybe a grandma) this quick and easy makeup look could be a dream come true for you.

If you’re like me and previously had a career that necessitated a daily application of makeup; then not having to continue that regimen would seem like one of the greatest perks of retirement.

Easy makeup brush

Keeping up on color trends and application techniques might intrigue some but I have always loved simple, easy, and basic. The easy makeup ideas here are just that with a couple of makeup hacks included as well.

If you’d like to purchase any of the products suggested here there’s a link and instructions below for a special plan. I’ve also included several more budget-friendly alternatives you can easily find online or near your house. Plus, remember to check your own makeup drawer! You might just have everything you need already.

Why would I even want to wear makeup?

As a Next Chapter woman, you probably spend most of your time in a casual setting, either at home or working in a more relaxed situation than in your previous career. Besides, haven’t you earned the option to let some things go? The temptation is great (don’t I know it) to focus more on relaxing than doing all the things we used to do as a part of our full, professional, daily lives. I’m talking about working out, drinking the water, and taking vitamins, plus keeping our hair and nails looking good. Now, with our relaxed lifestyle, it can take a little more energy or motivation to feel the need to keep up with all those things (but some of those things are still essential)!

So, why would you even want to apply makeup? It might help to think about the reasons why you wanted to earlier in life: to look cute for that boy, to look good in pictures, to fit in with your friends, to feel good about yourself. The ‘boy’ may or may not still be a motivator! Photos could get me into my makeup drawer but I and most of my friends have pretty much grown out of the impressing each other stage.

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The one reason that could move me toward the makeup brush set would be liking what I see in the mirror. Feeling good about ourselves is important, especially when it’s something we have some control over. Many changes we notice at this stage are out of our control (I’m not going to list them all here! Grandma Arms come to mind immediately.

Click here to read a post with encouragement about those possibly jiggly limbs. So, if there are some attributes that we can change to help the reflection, I say ‘Go for it!’

Knowing what products you need and how to apply them can be another hindrance. Why bother? Why take the time and energy and expense to start now? What if I told you I was going to give you some tips and tricks on application and point you in the direction of some high-quality, healthy for your skin, reasonably priced products?

And, if that’s not appealing, I could explain how to use what you’ve got already? Best yet, we can get this job done for a couple of quick and easy makeup looks including all the bennies we listed above (that boy, the photos, the friends, and best of all yourself in the mirror)?!

Step One – Easy Makeup Foundation

Have you ever done a paint-by-number set? They’re still a thing (I just checked on Amazon 🙂 ). You get a canvas with each part of the picture labeled with the number of the color of paint to go in that area. You just need the brushes and the paints and the patience to fill in each section correctly. My father-in-law completed several of these sets as an adult. We cherish them now in our family as a special memory of Grandpa Rowland.

Step One for Easy Makeup Routine CC Creme

Consider your face the canvas inscribed with numbers in a paint-by-number set. It’s kind of a weird concept but stay with me here for a moment and you’ll see it will make lots of sense! You’d start by making sure the canvas and brushes were clean and that the paints (colors, makeup) were in good condition.

For our analogy, that would mean that you’ve cleansed your face, washed your makeup brushes recently, and your makeup hasn’t been around since high school! Here’s a chart from Avon stating how often you should replace different types of makeup.

Well, you might have to set aside the paint-by-number thing for a quick minute because we need to get a base or foundation or background down before we get going with the rest of the paints (color)!

My favorite is an age-defying liquid called Perfecting Liquid Foundation by Arbonne. Liquid foundation is a little more forgiving than mineral powder or other makeup powders. Another possibility is a CC creme. A light, little less coverage, on-the-go type foundation.

I love to use one of my favorite makeup products before any type of foundation. It’s a wonderful silky primer that makes application of the foundation and other colors easy and smooth and perfect. I love that stuff!

Step Two – Easy Makeup with the Eyes

If there was a step you could skip to make your easy makeup look even easier, it would be this one. Although lining your lids definitely helps deepen the look of your lashes. Mascara alone will work. And, those filled-in brows do tend to frame your face. If you haven’t ‘lined’ for a while, give it a try. It will get faster after practice. And, you might just get to the point of adding the step to your essentials!

Mascara all alone is okay. You’re going to find that all three eye tools enhance each other for a completed eye look.

Step Three – A Little Easy Cheeky Color

After the foundation comes additional face color. I use a bronzer to warm up my face and give it that sun-kissed look. A quick fluff over the whole face works. And, then whatever blush color you like goes diagonally on your cheeks. Promise me you won’t make your cheeks too dark…a move that ages you immediately (almost as bad as bright blue eye shadow!)

Step 3 for your best easy makeup routine using the My Jam Blush Duo.

Arbonne has a set called It’s My Jam Blush Duo. I’m currently using the Rhubarb Duo…love it!

Step Four – Easy Makeup Looks and Lashes

When doing your makeup in 5 minutes you can choose the level of eye makeup as we discussed in Step Two. We decided mascara is critical but a pencil eyeliner and a brow liner are close to that level of importance.

I always keep Q-Tips nearby when I’m applying my eye makeup. They are the perfect tool to spot remove a boo-boo (place right on top and use a twisting motion to remove the unwanted color) or to blend a line that’s a little too thick. I dampen the end I’m using to help it smoothly work with the makeup.

Step four in your easy makeup routine is a great mascara.

I highly recommend Arbonne’s Speak Volumes Mascara. It comes in black, is healthy for your sensitive eyes, and adds buildable length and of course, volume.

Step Five – Finish Your Easy Makeup Look with a Kiss on the Lips

Lipstick is tricky. My preference is a light gloss with a touch of color. A deep thick dark lipstick is not a great idea on a Next Chapter Woman’s lips. If you have a lipstick color you really like, blot it down and add a little neutral gloss on top. Or, use your finger to apply lightly…gives more of a ‘stain look’. You can also use that same lipstick as your blush. Just pat 3 or 4 dabs of color on your cheeks and blend with your fingers or a brush. Works great!

When you are customizing your Ready in Five Makeup Set, you’ll discover there are seven Lip Gloss shades to choose from. My favorite, well, one of my favorites is Calla…so pretty.

A Quick Re-Cap of the 5 Steps of Your Easy Makeup Routine

Let me tell you, it takes more time to read this post than to do these easy makeup looks! Trust me. And, it goes on faster and faster as you follow these steps.

  1. Apply the foundation. I recommend a CC creme or a Perfecting Liquid Foundation. Blend well, especially at the jawline (remember those makeup lines in junior high…ugh!) No matter which type of foundation I choose, I always blend with a little dab of Primer. That stuff is magical. ?
  2. Fluff on your Bronzer. Use a light touch with circular motions all over. Hit the tip of your nose, along the jawline, a little on your forehead.
  3. Brush that ‘just enough color’ Blush Duo on your cheeks. A pink or a light coral are great choices.
  4. Pick your level of eye color. Mascara, pencil liner and eyebrow pencil are your choices. Most times I don’t skip the mascara (my grandma eyelashes need to be seen!)
  5. A little touch of a tinted Lip Gloss is all you need on the lips. It will look great…give it a try!

Oh and don’t forget to check things…a stray hair (invest in a good pair of tweezers), a dark area (a nice concealer is handy to have around), or too much of something. A magnifying mirror can be a rude but trusted friend. ?

And, you are DONE! This painless easy process actually takes less than 5 minutes and the reflection in the mirror looks happy, attractive, confident, and ready for a day at home, out shopping, or on a Zoom call!

A Quick & Easy Makeup Look Solution

Easy Makeup Brushes

Like I said at the beginning, you might have most of these makeup items. Of course, it might be time to replace some or all of it. I suggest taking everything out of the drawer to do a quick inventory. While you’re at it, clean that space before you put the old or new products back in it. (Just so ya know, Arbonne has a cool set of vegan makeup brushes.)

If you’re ready to do a major makeup replacement at this point here’s a wonderful solution for you if you’re interested. A company I represent, Arbonne, has a totally customizable Ready in 5 Makeup Set. It comes with an instruction brochure and the opportunity to purchase at 20% off for this set and any other of Arbonne’s healthy skincare, makeup, body care, or nutrition for a year.

Here are the steps if you want to order any Arbonne products:

  1. Head over to http://kathyrowland.arbonne.com/
  2. You can go directly to Shop All and then down to Makeup, you’ll see What’s New and the Best Sellers. Jump in here if you want or hop around in the other categories of products. Lots and lots to see.
  3. I highly recommend getting the Ready in 5 Makeup Set. It’s all there for you…including the instructions! You just need to customize your color preferences.
  4. You’ll have the option to Join Us in two places. The easiest is after you’ve filled your cart and are checking out. You click Register and then complete that quick process. (If you didn’t come in through my portal, it will ask who your Consultant is…I’m the only Kathy Rowland in Temple, Texas.) There is also a Join Us button on the home page.
  5. There will be a one-time fee with this order (which will be almost covered in your savings for the Ready in 5). And, if your order reaches $250 (retail) you’ll receive a free gift.
  6. Email me at kathy@quiethollow.com with ANY questions.

A Few Budget-Friendly Makeup Alternatives

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**I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and will receive compensation if you click through and purchase. Thank you for your support of my business in this way.

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