The Best Cures for Cabin Fever

You might be spending most of your time in the house because the car’s at the auto shop for a few days, you’re recuperating from surgery, your community is on lock-down, or that’s just how life is for you right now. Cabin Fever can become a concern, and you can find yourself needing a boost to get back to happy. For this post, I am not referring to any clinical levels of claustrophobia or seasonal depression. We’ll be talking about the more familiar feeling you get when you find yourself stuck in the house for an extended time. You might have a couple of ways to cope, but this list of the best cures for cabin fever could turn things around for this season and maybe even your whole future!

How do you catch Cabin Fever?

It appears you are susceptible to this condition if you find yourself stuck in the house for more than a day or two away from most other people. The novelty of being home alone has worn off, and the boredom is beginning to set in. You’ve run out of ideas to keep you busy, and screen time could be starting to fill the hours for you. Or, maybe being home alone for most of the day is your usual way of life, but now you’ve got further restrictions and the choice to go where and when you want is gone.

As an introvert, I’m conjecturing that we don’t tend to have as severe cases of Cabin Fever because being stuck at home away from the crowds is our dream come true. Extroverts, on the other hand, could feel the effects more quickly and severely because they need that regular social interaction. However, both the introvert and the extrovert will begin to have problems if the cures aren’t applied!

What are a few of those Cabin Fever symptoms?

Cabin Fever seems to start developing after a few days of isolation or partial isolation (depending on the individual). As mentioned above, extroverts are more susceptible! But, most people will start exhibiting one or more of these symptoms, and as other stressors factor in, some of us will experience more exaggerated ones.

Common signs of Cabin Fever are boredom, a lack of motivation, crankiness, and easy tears. As time goes on or as other circumstances worsen, these behaviors can intensify. Please call a trusted friend or mental health professional if severe symptoms arise. If what you are experiencing is more of light funk, check out the ideas below. ♥️

Spa Days help with Cabin Fever!

The Best Cures for Cabin Fever

Take Care of Yourself: Do those things for your physical and mental health that will help. For example, give yourself a spa day!

Change Something: Make a plan and then rearrange something in your life! Maybe furniture or even your hair.

Move It: Get that body off the couch or your favorite chair and do something. Whatever you like! Inside or out…the possibilities are endless!

Create Something: Where do your creative juices take you? Do you have projects around the house you can finish or start?

Reach Out: Get in touch with someone who needs to hear from you or who you need to hear from (maybe even God 🙂 ) Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a good visit.

Structure Your Day: There’s just something reassuring about living with a schedule. Plug your activities into a plan. It could help

Go Positive: Now is the time to surround yourself with positives; people, music, movies, and your attitude. And, to choose to be that positive force in someone else’s life.

Wrap it Up

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Prov 27:22

This post has covered seven categories of suggestions that could be the cures of Cabin Fever. There are at least that many more out there. I hope that these will get your brain working on ‘cures’ that will work for you in your specific situation. You might also want to check out my post called “Stress-Relieving Hobbies to Calm You Heart.”

Also, you might have noticed I didn’t mention activities involving kids. Hopefully, you are finding other resources for that situation. Google it. You’ll be amazed!

I want to leave you with a little gift from a young woman who lived in our former community. She battled another CF, however, this one was a lot more serious. Cystic Fibrosis eventually took Brianne’s life, but her faith, humor, and positive attitude changed our community. She was surrounded by a loving faith-filled family, a loving husband, and many dear friends. She died before her time, but beyond the years, most with this horrendous disease receive. I include her story because one of her favorite hashtags was #chooseyourattitude. This story is perhaps the best cure of all. Thanks, Bri! ♥️

Reaching Out

Let’s visit! Please reach out with ideas or concerns. How does Cabin Fever affect you? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at I’d love to chat.

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P.S. Don’t forget about the detailed list of ideas to help you start smiling again! This is the link to receive that gift! ♥️

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