NB Tigers Football
Mostly it’s Football Around Here
Texas Football player! Best ever and our grandson.
Go #89. Go NBMS!

We’re learning, being newbies to the scene, that Texas sports kid style is serious business. And, football seems to be the most serious of all. However, soccer and baseball rank up there near the top. Complex systems of leagues, teams, practice fields, and batting cages are part of the big picture. Even private coaching and lessons are a thing down here.

Other lesser-known sports are available, but travel to participate on those teams could be necessary. For example, our oldest grandson is committed to developing his lacrosse skills. The closest team/league is 45 minutes away in Georgetown. By the way, when we asked on the neighborhood FB group if there were any lacrosse teams in the Temple/Belton area, we were told we’d misspelled f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l! 🙂

Fields of Dreams

Impressive supports are in place in the Central Texas kids sports programs. Well-kept soccer fields, first-rate baseball complexes, and quality school football fields are available. And, then there’s the coaching! Caring, skilled adults who like kids and their sports seem to be the norm. I recently watched our middle grandson’s baseball coach encourage and correct respectfully with a true caring attitude. Communication with parents is also at a high level. Regular texts for updates and positive words are common.

The Parents and Their Equipment

Additionally, the parents operate at a higher level as well. Turn-out is high. Participation and support are consistent. Comments are generally positive, however, there are the occasional enthusiastic (albeit loud) and encouraging comments from the sidelines. I’m not sure how the coaches deemed those comments, especially if they contradicted the strategies of the coaches! Still, I have yet to hear parents going after each other or the refs or the kids.

Texas Sports Kid Style on the way to the soccer game.
The wagon with our star player!

And then there are all the supplies and equipment brought to the games by the parents and spectators (aka grandparents!) I’ve seen huge umbrellas. We sat under one that was almost the size of a small tent, resting on the ground with zip-open windows. I’ve also seen the wagons needed to carry everything including those umbrellas, but also folding chairs, coolers, battery-operated fans, blankets to sit on and lots and lots of water. Sometimes those wagons even carry players. 🙂

The Players
Texas Sports Kid Style equals sno-cones after the game!
After game sno-cones!

Those kids. The players. They are the ones with real commitment. If they’re playing middle school football, they get up early to be at 6:30 a.m. practice every day of the week except game day and the weekends. The players with late afternoon practices endure high temps (unless the heat index is too high and then they’re off the hook and the practices are canceled). They all run drills and work at improving their skills during practice and on their own. Whether it’s passing the ball in the street with dads or friends, or it’s time at the batting cage.

Sometimes there are doubleheaders, sometimes the games are long and hot. We see little red faces who sometimes stop dead in their soccer tracks to rest and look around or take a quick break with family on the sidelines during game action. But, they get back in and keep playing and being hot and tired until the end. And, when the game’s over they cheer with their teammates and get the SNACKS!

The Bar is High in Texas
Texas Sports Baseball Style.
Batter up! Hit another double Quinn!

Texas sports kid style is amazing. The bar is high. The quality of the organizations is high. The experience has been positive. And, we’re looking forward to many years as spectators as our grandson athletes mature through the process.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 ESV

Thanks to the Belton Journal for the football photos!

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