Three Hot Reasons Texas is Friendly

Reason #1: Those Retail Folks. In this Friendly state when you’re shopping or ordering food, you regularly hear, “Have a blessed day”, “How’s your day going so far?”, “You need anything?”, and the almost complete conversations you can have with the checker at H.E.B. Customer service around here is on a different level. It’s not all perfect, but people who are helping you seem to genuinely want to help you. And, that they like people. Wow. (If you’d like to know more about H.E.B., hop over to this post ALL about that special store!)

A friendly Texas cup of coffee.

Reason #2: Neighbors are Neighborly. And our new neighborhood is particularly friendly. (I have a theory that Texas’ friendliness is catchy, so even people from other not so friendly states convert to the Texas way.) I hear things like, “We’re having a barbecue tonight, just bring yourselves and a couple of chairs” and “Come down for coffee anytime”. Oh, and the delicious line, “We just barbecued, here’s a plate of my brisket!” Another line a newcomer loves is “Can I show you around? Have you seen ___yet?”

"Hello" from a friendly Texan.

Reason #3: It’s the Friendly State. People wave ‘Hello” at you. People smile at you. People stop and talk to you. If you ask for a recommendation for a restaurant (or anything actually), you get a long list with details. It’s the same thing with directions.

Are There Friendly People Anywhere Else?

Of course! Let me emphatically respond that there were so many friendly people in the PNW, especially in our small town of Poulsbo. Friendly people are friendly people no matter where they live. But, this Texas friendly state thing truly is a THING. Come visit us (if you’re not a Texan already) and you’ll see what I mean!

Your Turn to Chime in!

Join in the conversation! What are some things that you’ve noticed friendly people doing (whether in Texas or any other state)? What do you like to do to make people feel welcome, comfortable, and that they belong? I’m sure there are a million other ways to show friendliness out there.

 Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Romans 12:10 NLT

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