Talkin' Texan like a cowboy

Since moving down to Central Texas from the PNW, we’ve started Talkin’ Texan a little. You know, it can be challenging in a new home to start speaking the language right away!

I’m starting to say y’all a little more and am not as shocked when it’s said ‘all the time’ as I was when we first got here. It wasn’t that it was a negative, it was just so real. Such a Texan Thing! I still revert to ‘you guys’ quite often, especially when I’m around those that are still speaking mostly Northwest. 🙂

Another happy phrase I heard for the first time down here was, “Have a blessed day!” Love that one. I also love “Yes ma’am” with the ma’am drawn out. Emily was the first we heard that from when we were down for our visit the spring we visited and got the build started on our new home. She helped so much with that process and used that phrase regularly to answer most of my questions. It carries respect, love and a little touch of fun to it, don’t ya think?

Texan Phrases to Know

After y’all, there are a few more phrases you would need to incorporate if your goal was to completely assimilate into the culture. Or, if you’re just coming for a visit. I’ll try to add definitions for those that aren’t obvious.

  1. Coke: any soda or pop (not just Coca Cola)
  2. Fixin’ to: planning on it
  3. Howdy: you know this one!
  4. Don’t mess with Texas: seems self-explanatory, but started in 1985 as part of an anti-littering campaign
  5. Bless your heart: I feel sorry for you, or I am going to act as though I feel sorry for you so as to maintain my polite demeanor.
  6. Might Could: could
  7. More than you can shake a stick at a lot 🙂
  8. He’s all hat and no cattle: He often speaks highly of himself but does not follow through with his actions.
  9. This ain’t my first rodeo: you know what you’re doing
  10. Hissy fit: full-blown temper tantrum (with boot-stompin’!)

So, there you go y’all. Talkin’ Texan 101 is in the books. Now, if you come down here for any amount of time, you’ll be prepared!

If you're going to be talkin' texan, you should probably be walkin' texan in your cute cowboy boots.
Having cool boots’ll help too!

The mouth of a good person is a deep, life-giving well…Proverbs 10-11 The Message

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  1. ?I already have 6 out if 10 in my vocabulary and I’m not even in Texas !

  2. Jude Hubbell says:

    Y’all is one of the best phrases. Picked it up during Navy days in Norfolk, VA. Only 2 I hadn’t heard were #s 6 & 8. Love #8 — he’s all hat and no cattle. Perfect.

    1. Kathy Rowland says:

      Yup, I suppose you heard a few when you were there. I forgot to add the one I love the most…’Yes, ma’am’ Our sales agent at our new development used that a lot with her cute Texas accent. Happy connection 🙂

    2. Kathy Rowland says:

      I imagine you did pick up some of the language 🙂 “Y’all” and “Yes ma’am” are my favorites and definitely add to the culture down here!

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