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The messy collection of recipes.

I love to save recipes. I don’t always use the ones I save. But you never know. Right? The problem with all my past recipe collecting endeavors was the card boxes, the folded food-stained hunks of paper and the dog-eared cookbooks shoved into a cupboard. This post is a review of an app that solved all my problems!

Mom's Handwritten Recipes

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for the recipe cards I still have in my mom’s handwriting. Especially the ones I remember her making from childhood. But, if it crosses my mind to look for “Chili Corn Chip Supper” from the 70’s I would be up a CREEK trying to find it! (I know it’s in there somewhere, but WHERE?!)

Dreams Do Come True

Then, four years ago, I discovered Plan to Eat, a recipe saving, organizing, menu planning, grocery list creating ‘dream come true’! I joined after trying the app for the 30 days free trial AND at the half-price deal. I renew every year at this time for the deal and don’t ever plan on stopping! I’ve saved over 400 recipes and have had tons shared with me from my PTE friends. 🙂 

Simple Meal Planning - a Plan to Eat review

A 5 Star Review from a Raving Fan

Let me rave about this app for a little while. Do you know when you finally land on that perfect kitchen tool or read that ‘can’t put it down’ book? You want to tell everyone you know about it. That’s what I’m doing here. 

Plan to Eat is an extremely comprehensive, well thought out application for its purpose. And, they keep finding new ways to improve it, adding new features all the time.

My Favorite PTE Features for the Review

I’m going to share my favorite features. And then if you’re interested, you can try it out for 30 days and discover some of your own favorite parts.

**The ability to grab recipes off any website and pop them into the app with the use of the PTE extension is probably my favorite PTE tool.

**After grabbing the recipe, it can be saved into the appropriate category. After that tag it with something even more specific to make searching later a breeze. For example, you can search Mexican | Chicken | Pioneer Woman | Slow Cooker recipes. That is if that’s what you’re in the mood for that night.

**You can easily create a calendar full of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or just dinner if you prefer for a week or a month. You’re able to do a search in the Plan section of the app. Next, you slide the recipes you want to include right into the day and meal of your choice. 

**After planning out the recipes that you choose to add to the calendar, you can move on to the grocery list preparation step. The list can be personalized to add your favorite store, and you can add or delete ingredients to make it just right.

Simple Meal Planning - a Plan to Eat review

Nothing Better

If you’re lucky enough to have a personal chef who plans out your meals, that would probably be better than Plan to Eat. But if you’re the personal chef for your family, PTE could make your life so much easier and lots more fun. 

PTE is also very social! You can add friends to the app. Then, you and those friends can share recipes (I’d love to be your friend and share! My username is kathyowensrowland). There are Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, and lots of Insta photos.

Next Step: Sign up for the Free Trial

Click here and sign up to try Plan to Eat for free for 30 days. Around Black Friday they have a yearly sale on the yearlong membership fee, but full price is very reasonable ($3.25 per month!)

I can’t recommend Plan to Eat enough! If you choose to sign up, please let me know. It would be fun to share and compare notes!

A Gift for You

I’ve put together a collection of Quiet Hollow’s ‘Plan to Eat’ Favorites I’ve saved and used through the PTE app. Click on the photo to download the recipes.

Connection to Plan to Eat gift from the PTE Review.

*Keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links and in the event of a sale, I will be rewarded a small commission. I only recommend services & software that I truly believe in!

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