Rediscover Your Life Purpose: 3 Valuable Benefits

Retirement is a time for a major shift in life purpose for many women. Re-designing your life purpose might happen shortly after retirement or even before. For some, however, it might take a few years of searching and discovery to land on a new direction.

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I know that to be true because it did for me. There were years of experimenting, exploring, keeping some ideas, and tossing others. Until I finally completed my re-designing process. Is it possible that I might go through this process later on? Absolutely. Other factors come into play during all phases of our lives but during this ‘later phase’ considerations and motivations to regroup on our purpose could be relational, physical, or health-related in nature.

A clear memory for me, while I was still teaching, was my own sentiment that I could never imagine retiring. When it was apparent the time had come and the decision was made, I was like a high-school student with senioritis! That might happen to me with blogging. Again, I can’t imagine that – right now that it could – but there will probably come a time.

In this post we’re going to uncover a little of what setting your life purpose means for the 60+ woman. Retirement is definitely a change agent for most of us. But for some, retirement is delayed or never comes. Some choose to keep working, or can’t retire for a variety of reasons. Others are experiencing an empty-nest, a change in their health or marital status, or they’ve made a major move to a new home or new state.

We can still re-evaluate our life purpose if that’s our situation. Therefore, my ‘purpose’ with this article is to take a few minutes to define it and to also look at the benefits of identifying your life’s purpose wherever you are on the journey. We’ll be looking at how to find purpose in life.

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What is Your Purpose in Life?

Just to make things a little interesting, let’s talk about what your life purpose is not before we outline what it is. Your life purpose is not your career, your favorite hobby, or your family. Each of these can slide into and be a part of your purpose in life, but they aren’t it. These purpose sub-categories are part of the menu but they aren’t the main entre.

Think higher, Think calling. Think over-arching meaning for your life. Why do you believe you were placed on this earth? That’s your life purpose. Some examples of life purpose are service to others, encouraging people, and sharing your faith.

Reason #1: Direction in Your Life

As you begin working on finding your purpose in life, you will start to develop a stronger sense of direction for your life now and in the future. Some call it finding your ‘why’. If you know why you’re doing something figuring out where you’re going with your life will become apparent. And, we know that charting a course is essential when you want to get somewhere. Turning on the GPS is the first step in realizing your destination. It gives you steps on how to get there.

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Reason #2: A Fuller, Richer Life with a New Life Purpose

Living a purposeful life will lead to living a fuller, richer life. Once you’ve got your direction, ‘your why’, you can start filling it in with plans and activities and possibly even a new paid endeavor. And, as those chosen activities become a part of your life they will cause the rest of your life to become fuller and more enriched.

It needs to be stated at this point though that just adding activities to fill your life is a totally different thing. That stage of the discovery of purpose has value, but it can lead to busyness for the sake of just doing something without being purposeful. That’s when you can check things off your list. Activity for activity’s sake is not fulfilling and could keep you from what your heart truly desires. Living and growing in your calling leads to a fulfilling life.

Reason #3: Health can Improve with a Renewed Life Purpose

Health seems to be affected by living your life purpose. Having a reason to get up in the morning will positively change your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Knowing and believing in the value of your life purpose will bring peace, confidence, and a solid foundation. The benefits of having a re-discovered life purpose could include a stronger auto-immune system, a positive outlook on life, and a desire to grow closer to God and become more like Him. Of course, there are many elements at play in regards to any area of personal health but having an identified life’s purpose will set the stage for well-being to engage.

Your spiritual and social health are impacted by adding focus to your life. A helpful post on Quiet Hollow shares the fun and value of determining your ‘one word’ for the year. Interestingly, that practice can potentially lead you closer to your ‘purpose’ and to a healthy state of being. I highly recommend reading and employing the suggestions and resources within “Discover Your One Word“. I think you’ll love it! I look forward to finding my ‘word’ every year…part of the fun of January.

Let’s Wrap this Up!

My goal for this post was to define your life purpose and to share several benefits that might motivate the search process. I hope that’s happened to you. Be watching as we continue to explore how to develop and grow in your personal life’s purpose.

If you want to go deeper on this topic, there is another post on Quiet Hollow that explains more and directs you to our popular Stepping into your Next Chapter: The 4-Phase System For Creating the Life You Love. It is a life-changing resource that women in our stage of life cherish because of how it makes waking up in the morning much more exciting. The post is called I’m Newly Retired, Now What?

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So, friends, this is just the beginning! And, what’s really cool is that the process of finding your life purpose is half the fun. Growth will happen during your life purpose discovery. Best of all, there’s no right answer and your answer can change as more light is shown on this revelation.

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  1. I told my daughter on a Saturday that I planned to work a year or two more. On Monday, two days later, I lost my job with no warning. They were making changes in their plan for going forward and it did not include my position. It was something I never expected. But I got back out there looking for a replacement position at age 63. A month after I lost my job I had a third interview for a position that I thought I might be hired for. Instead I had to be honest with them, that I had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and I was expected to fully recover but I could not promise how long I would be out. I ended up on disability for almost a year, which included 2 surgeries. I never got the opportunity to get another job, since my recovery, in my opinion, did not leave me in a position to return to the type of work I had before. But, I did learn that I needed to put all my trust in God. All of it, all the time. That is how I got through it. And I’ll always remember that.

    1. Kathy Rowland says:

      Thank you for sharing your incredible story Kimberly! Praying for you as you continue to trust the Lord. I imagine sharing your story and your faith is a big part of your purpose. Blessings on you ?

    1. Kathy Rowland says:

      I’m happy you liked them Lora and thank you so much for sharing! ~Kathy

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