What is the Best Hairstyle for Me?

Let’s talk about the best hairstyle for you. When was the last time you stopped and checked out those lovely locks? Have you given any thought to changing things up a bit? Is it time to freshen your hairstyle, the cut, or to try a new color? Is it time for a gorgeous new hairstyle? Or, because of your unique situation, could it be time for a new wig, hat, or sash?

Do words like mousy and drab come to mind when you look at your hair in the mirror? Have you been sporting your current look since 1962? Or, are “nature’s highlights” becoming more and more prominent?

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If you’ve been thinking about a change or a major overhaul of your hairstyle, cut, and/or color, I say, “GO FOR IT!” Imagine the boost an easy, stylish new look could give your confidence. Seeing that cute, updated bob in the mirror could add a little pop to your spirit, a little bounce in your step. Wouldn’t it be great to start hearing a few compliments? Who doesn’t love that? And, that can totally happen when you find the best hairstyle for you!

But where do you start?

Step #1: Gather Ideas 

Check out Pinterest, hair magazines, and even do a Google search. Start a file of possibilities. Refine your search to “hairstyles for women over ___”, “popular hairstyles in 2020”, “short haircuts for baby boomer women,” or “cute hats or wigs.” I’ve got a board on Pinterest called ‘Over 50 Women’s Hairstyles,’ and you’re more than welcome to visit!

Bookmark your favorite hair websites if you’re not a Pinner. Plus, those old-school hair magazines are also fun to cut up for a helpful idea-collection. (Check out this one from 2015!)

While you’re out and about notice other women’s cuts and styles you like and ask where they get their hair done. (I love it when people ask me!)

Step #2: Talk to Your Stylist 

Hopefully, you are fortunate to have a stylist with whom you’ve developed a trust relationship. And, you believe she/he always suggests changes that will work well for your hair. My stylist happens to be one of my daughters. ? Kasey always listens to me, but I look to her as well. When I share hairstyle ideas with her she picks up on some of them, and we’ve given the idea a try.

But at other times, she’s said, “Mom, that just won’t work with your hair.” We laugh about the thickness of my hair and how I’ll never go bald! And, that some styles won’t work for me, but I also know that I can wear styles that those with thin hair have to shy away from. 

Spending time under the dryer working on a new hairstyle.

Most professionals work hard to stay up to date on the latest hair trends. Additionally, stylists develop strategies for finding the best hairstyle for their clients. They take into consideration the personality of their client, the shape of her face, and the type of hair when researching the best style. Therefore, it is beneficial to know your stylist well. And, for her to know you! 

Step #3: Consider Your Color

You might be perfectly satisfied with your natural color or the gray that’s taking over. Maybe some highlights or lowlights would be the little lift you need. You might be like me and go from hardcore salt and pepper to a warm blonde! Ask friends or your stylist how they think you’d look with a little pop of color.

Again, be on the lookout for women who have fun, perky, maybe a little sassy style and color. Try something new. It will ALWAYS grow out if you’re not crazy about it. Or, your stylist can cover it with something temporary or permanent. You never know; t might grow on you if you don’t love it initially!

Some hair colors that are trending this year are featured in this article from Glamour Magazine. Terms such as twilighting, tweed hair, and rusty copper are trending these days. (I wasn’t crazy about the ‘rooted platinum,’ but I think that sort of naturally happened with the Quarantine!

Here’s a pin for your Hair board!

Finding your best hairstyle that suits YOU!

Let’s Wrap This Up with a Look at the Benefits of Your Best New Hairstyle

The first benefit: you’re going to be comfortable with your new easy, breezy hairstyle. You’ll find you’re not avoiding mirrors. In fact, you’ll be looking for them to check out that trendy hairstyle (that’s on your head!) once more. 

Next, everything about your new best hairstyle suits you: your face shape and coloring, the texture and thickness of your hair, and your crazy lifestyle. WooHoo. Peace and Harmony exist!

Lastly, you never know, it could become a part of your brand, your signature hairstyle, so to speak, like Carol Channing’s bob, or Marilyn Monroe’s curly blonde locks. (Good to know for when you become famous! 🙂 )

Hopefully, a couple of the ideas included here will give you the boost you’ve needed to get moving in a new direction with your hair. For me, changing or updating my hairstyle is a relatively easy thing I can actually DO. It’s nowhere near a professional counseling session or deep talk with a girlfriend for life-challenging issues. But, it has helped me get over a sad bump in the road or a minor setback in my career or life. (Of course, a grande Mocha Frappuccino helps too!) 

Bottom line, have fun! Experiment a little. It’s ok to change things up. If it turns out to be an utter disaster, you’ll have a great story to tell later (be sure and take pictures!) and you’ll be one step close to a more gorgeous you. When your ideal hair-do turns out to be a compliment getter, enjoy the attention and spread the word. Anyone can find their best hairstyle!

If you’re looking for a bigger picture update of your overall style, check out this post on Quiet Hollow! 5 Steps to Finding Your New Style could give you even more motivation to try something new!

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