My Top 5 Amazon Must Haves

Amazon shopping must-haves were ordered for several reasons. There were times when an Amazon shopping trip made all things better, and then there were other times when getting a specific thing ordered from Amazon solved a big problem. There’s something very satisfying about shopping from home! It could be the efficiency, the research at your fingertips or the guilt-free money-saving typically involved. And, then, you get a present at your door a few days later!

You might be reading this during a special shopping time on Amazon (Black Friday or maybe Prime Day) and if so, click this link to go directly to the information for that sale and info on ‘lightning deals’ plus so much more. Some of the products listed here could be on sale or something similar. I just ordered the Innersy Ladies’ Underwear for a great price.

If you know what you want but don’t know if it’s on special, search it out starting with this link. Then it will show up along with others that are special deals. Good luck with your shopping!

The following is a list of products we purchased for ourselves on Quiet Hollow online. Of course, we’ve ordered many more items, but these are our favorites. A quick review is included for each.

Fun Amazon Shopping Must Haves #1: The Frother

I’ve ordered three of these frothers! One for myself and one for each of my daughters. It’s an amazing little tool! My method is to warm up a little creamer in the microwave, froth it for about 30 or 40 seconds, and then pour it onto and into my cup of coffee. Kelly froths the creamer in the bottom of the cup she’s adding her coffee to probably better since only one cup is used!

This model even comes with cool plastic templates to create froth designs on your coffee or espresso. So fun! Not sure how I was ever really happy drinking my Pike Place blend before ordering my frother!

Fun Amazon Must Haves #2: Bug Glue Traps

Okay, so these Bug Glue Traps are fun differently! We started ordering these as an addition to our monthly bug company spraying. Some bugs respond differently to the spray. Meaning they don’t all die the same or as quickly as others. These traps are a more direct tool. They make it, so my eekiest bugs get caught if they dare come into any door from outside.

The traps are easy to use and don’t smell. You need to be careful with them because they are extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) sticky. I accidentally stepped on one in my flip-flops, and I eventually just had to throw them away…couldn’t get the sticky off! But that means that they aren’t going anywhere if a yucky bug is drawn to the trap. Then the full trap can be tossed in the trash.

We typically fold up the ones in the house and leave the garage ones flat. Very helpful in our Central Texas home.

Fun Amazon Must Haves #3: A Cute Coffee Carousel

A favorite Amazon must have is my coffee carousel.

We have a Keurig and the perfect corner in our kitchen for a ‘coffee spot’. I’m the only (regular) coffee drinker in our home, so we didn’t need something big and elaborate to store the K-cups. This Carousel is perfect. It’s got a spacious basket (to hold my Pike Place and Texas Pecans) and several of my favorite mugs. That little coffee sign is from Hobby Lobby.

Here’s the Coffee Cup Carousel in the photo. Love it.

Fun Amazon Must Haves #4: Queen Air Bed

When you didn’t want a 2nd guest room and wanted a cute office, the best solution is an air bed. Please make sure when you get yours that it has a built-in pump! This one is plush and is 18″ deep. Queen deep-sided sheets work perfectly. Several guests, including adults and grandkids, have slept on the bed. I used it when camped at my daughter Kelly’s house during the Texas DeepFreeze ’21. I slept great. It’s not a full-on pillow top mattress, but this queen air bed serves its purpose very well.

Fun Amazon Must Haves #5: INNERSY Women’s Cotton Sporty Underwear Hipsters

These have to be the best underwear I’ve ever, ever found. They are cute and comfortable, and I ordered my current set over a year ago. Of all the products listed here, this is probably my favorite. Love these sporty hipsters! They come in lots of colors and sizes. I think you’ll be really pleased with this brand and these particular panties.

Let’s Wrap This Up

It’s been fun making this list of Amazon shopping favorites for you! I hope you enjoy checking them out and maybe even ordering a thing or two.

Over the last year, our shopping habits have changed, and the ease of online shopping has been convenient. There’s nothing better than walking into a local store and supporting the owners and your town, but the online option is sometimes the only viable option. Shopping is shopping, right?!

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