It's Grandma Arms! What do I do?!

Those grandma arms. Maybe your upper arms are tight and ripped and look impressive in a tank top. If that isn’t your reality, I wrote this post with you (and myself) in mind! Those of us over the mid-century mark just might be blessed with what some fondly call ‘bat wings.’ I prefer to avoid that nickname and go with ‘grandma arms’ instead. Grandma arms supply occasional entertainment for grandkids and work well in the hugging department, but they’re not optimal during swimsuit season.

Where did these Grandma Arms come from anyway?!

As we age, your muscles lose their tone, and your skin loses its elasticity, which is a double whammy for us Grandmas. Our arm fitness expectations will need to embrace the reality of our changing bodies. That doesn’t mean we just throw them up in the air and say ‘who cares!’ The change will happen with weight loss and toning the muscles. It will just take longer. But, that’s a fact of life for most body changes for us.

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Start Now and Work Hard to Firm Your Grandma Arms

Of course, the question of the century is, “What can I do to tone these puppies? I do NOT like this look!” The most popular solution is to work on weight loss (if that’s appropriate for you), eating clean, and additionally including a balanced weight-training program. Most trainers believe that spot-toning exercises are not sufficient; you need a whole-body approach to fitness to get the job done. But, here’s our free Grandma Arms Mini-Exercise Guide with workout suggestions that are fun and easy if you want to start focusing on your jiggly upper arms right now at home.

If your Medicare Health Insurance includes Silver Sneakers, check out their website and app. Even if you don’t, they have tons of non-member info and exercises. I also just recently ran into Kathy Smith again (remember all those aerobic videos?) She’s focusing more on our age group these days, so she has challenges, lots of videos and a food plan as well.

If you search Pinterest for ‘flabby arm exercises,’ you’ll find tons of pins that purportedly work extremely fast! Be careful. Once again, a life-style change over time works. Darn. The good news, though, is that there’s hope!

Quick Grandma Arms Fixes in the Meantime

While you’re changing your diet and developing a new workout routine, there are several other things you can do to help. Pick one or two that might work for you, and if you don’t see yours here, remember to add your trick in the comments below!

Long-sleeved jacket with a cute pink hand weight.

First, check out the 3/4 length tops. Blouses (the roll-up type), baseball shirts, and t-shirts that are in-between short and long fall in the 3/4 category. I love to wear long-sleeve button-down shirts that have a longer body. I fold the sleeves up to the elbow-length level if it’s warm out and wear it over a tank or cami.

Sometimes I put a light-weight long-sleeved tee under a favorite short-sleeved shirt. You need to be careful about colors and styles. You don’t want to accentuate the need for coverage, go for natural.

My cute cousin Susie suggested purchasing two matching tank tops at a time in the summer. Then using a 3/4 length sleeve tee as a guide, cut two sleeves from the extra tank. Pull out that sewing machine and attach the new sleeves to the first tank top. Such a great idea!

If you live in a sunny spot, tanning seems to help! If not, try a good quality sunless tanner. Sometimes sleeveless is the only option, so I suggest trying body makeup. You can use a brush on bronzer (your face one works) or a product specifically for the body. (Not a great idea if you’re going swimming however!)

The last option is a product you’ve heard of called Spanx Women’s Arm Tights (this is my Amazon link). I think they’d be especially helpful in the colder months. They come in different necklines and different colors. I think I’ll be trying the black crewneck tee. As with many other body image concerns, our attitudes play a huge role in keeping each of us content and encouraged and willing to make any needed changes.

Grandma Arms Attitude Adjustments

For me, the first step in adjusting my Grandma Arms attitude is embracing the reality of having my mom’s arms (and what a wonderful gift to have!). But, I also realize there’s a balance in accepting my current status while also working for improvement — grateful contentment tends to shoo away regretful disgust (which can creep in if I’m not careful).

Grandma Arms have an extremely important purpose y’all and that’s hugging and loving our grandkids. Don’t you remember those Grandma Hugs you got all those years ago? Or, even Mom Hugs. Those of us that no longer have our grandmas and moms around would probably give just about anything to get one of those hugs! Mine came with a, “Everything’s going to be okay” and it usually was. 🙂 (Miss you Mom!)

I found this sweet book called In Grandma’s Arms by Jayne C. Shelton. You can get it for Kindle, but the board book version would be more fun to share with that precious little one in your lap. Here’s my link for the book (Just click on the photo).

Let’s Wrap Up All this Grandma Arms Talk!

It’s sad but true that our bodies change as we age and that as 60+ women those changes have become very noticeable. It’s not bad. It just is. There are things we can do physically and cosmetically and with our style to minimize the changes. But, probably the most efficient, meaningful, important thing we can do is accept what is and embrace it. There is joy and peace with that approach. And, that to me is of way greater value that arms that don’t jiggle!

The 'we are God's masterpiece' verse from Eph 2:10.

After all that work on your arms, check out this post with some calming, Stress-Relieving Hobbies to Calm Your Heart.

We would love your comments below! Any exercise, tops, or mental tricks that have helped you? Please, please share. 🙂

Also, if you’re interested in a little jump-start on the Grandma Arms firming and toning action, join us and get this free Mini-Exercise Guide. It downloads right to your computer. Push this BUTTON and get the Guide.

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  1. I have those Grandma arms and mostly it doesn’t bother me, until I see my arms in a photo. I’ll try to give it a shot, but exercise is one of my downfalls. Thank you.

  2. I can certainly relate over here. Some times It seams like someone is invading my body ever so slowly. Loved your article.

    I lost 20 pounds & got very toned with Kathy Smith. This is so cool, have to check it out. I still have all her tapes believe it or not. Thanks for the Silver Sneakers top.

    1. Patty! Loved your ‘invading my body’ visual! hahaha, but so true 🙂 Thanks for swinging by Quiet Hollow. ~Kathy

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