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There are so many challenges for all of us during the pandemic of 2020. The one we’ll be chatting about today is how we can make the best of our in-between hair that’s missed at least two appointments. If those appointments were for a haircut and style update, we’ve definitely entered the shaggy stage. If your appointments included a color treatment, you’ve noticed several inches of grow-out.

In my state, although restaurants and some other businesses are opening, hair salons have not. So, we’ll be on our own for a while longer. To help with this beautiful challenge, you’ll find suggestions here for going for cuteness ‘in the middle’ of it all!

Hilarious photo of hair stylist protect by a cut-out umbrella cutting someone's hair.

Attitude is Everything (even in a Quarantine)

Knowing everyone in the entire country is going through the same thing as all of us helps. But, we still need to face the mirror each morning watching things change and knowing we can’t even make an appointment yet! Also, we know that there are many issues that are in the dire category and a little grow-out pales in view of those more serious concerns. However, what we see in the mirror does affect how we feel about ourselves. The goal of this post is to present some possibilities for changing that feeling and helping with the reflection.

Additionally, embracing the situation and even laughing at the fact that we’re all in this ‘funky hair’ club together will also be beneficial. So, like lots of other life stuff, we have a choice. I’m hoping my tips will make that choice easier.

In-Between Hair Color Tips

IF things were normal and you were noticing some grow-out, you’d call the salon and book an appointment. Better yet you’d probably already have booked ahead so you didn’t have to worry about this whole mess! But, here we are. ? My stylist recommends not using off the shelf hair dyes. They are very hard and expensive to correct when you do get back to the shop. Living with your new two-tone look, or using something temporary would be a better choice.

For example, I’ve used a spray-on root cover-up with great success. Other possibilities are hair color rinses and even face makeup to match. Once, in desperation, I brushed on a bronzer over that lighter colored area. It worked, but I was glad to get back to my colorist who made it right.

This could be the time to jump in and go for the GRAY! I had already decided to go a-natural before the pandemic hit. Plus, I had gotten several cuts to get to the no visible grow-out stage. But I did go through that transition and it wasn’t awful. Going gray is wonderful and comes highly recommended by lots of the grandmas I know!

One last tip and I’m serious, if you just can’t deal, would be to pick out and wear a cute baseball cap or summer hat. You could start a new trend!

Cute summer hat with a white ribbon and a bouquet of pink tulips.

A Case of the Shaggies

Unless you live with a stylist, you’re looking at a hair style that’s lost its shape and has grown to a distinct level of shagginess. Let’s look at some strategies to help us survive this time starting with an experimental approach!

It’s time to try something new. And, you just might land on a style you’ll end up keeping. For example, if you part your hair on one side, try doing it on the other side. Or, even down the middle or straight back. I keep a big collection of short hairstyles on my Pinterest board call Hair for 50+ Women! if you want some short ideas.

Stroll down the hair aisle at WalMart (unless you’ve got another option for shopping) and pick up some cute clips, hair ties (if you’ve got longer hair), or just grab a pack of bobby pins. It’s amazing what those tools can do in a pinch!

Cute pin of two older ladies in a salon wanting to get cute hair!

Thank Goodness for Hair Products

If your hair isn’t cooperating naturally and you need to encourage it, having a good selection of helpful hair products is necessary. As you’re experimenting with style, throwing a hair product into the mix adds to the fun and the success of the new style.

For example, I’ve been round brush blow drying my hair back around the top (crown) and straightening my bangs. My experiment will be to apply some gel right after towel drying my hair and tousling up the natural curls. The bangs are at the in between stage, so I use my clips and pins, but switching sides for parting is fun. On one side, a really light streak shows up. Another alternative for the clips would be styling the bangs to perfection and then using hairspray to hold it in place.

Use what you have on hand to start, but it might be fun to try something new. For example, have you used any of the ‘texture in a jar’ products? You might’ve heard of hair wax, putty, molding creme, or pomade. These products will help define pieces and get control of short hair. Some have more weight and shine, while others are more dry and tacky. It helps to read the jar to determine which would work best for you. I’ve got a couple different ones in my hair drawer I’m going to pull out and play with. ?

Put on the Mask and Off We Go

Let me start this section by saying I believe it’s important to feel and look cute whether we’re home, on a Zoom call, or out grocery shopping. When you’re out and masked (especially us grandmas) having a snappy hair-do will off-set the un-stylish look of a mask (no matter how colorful the fabric). Of course, wearing a little eye makeup helps too. I quickly found that putting on lipstick is unnecessary (duh, I know!) and it could stain the inside of your mask! So, just rely on a little mascara and keeping those brows tamed.

But, back to our in-between hair, if you use the tricks and tips we’ve talked about here, you’ll at least be a step above what your do would’ve looked like if you hadn’t! Think of it as a fun project and who knows, you might end up keeping your experimental style! And, if you want to update your wardrobe style while you’re at it, check out this post called ‘5 Steps to Finding Your New Style’, I think you’ll like it.

If nothing else, you can always pop on that hat!

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