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I’m newly retired! WooHoo!! But now, what do I do?! Have you entered a new stage of life recently? Maybe you’re freshly free from your decades-long career, have become an empty nester, have left or been let go from a job, or have become a widow or divorcee. Your new stage could be anything different from what you’ve been doing for a considerable amount of time. Many women I know start asking themselves questions about what their lives will look like in their next chapter. I know I sure did! Having approximately a third of my life in front of me with no clear direction was a little unnerving.

Newly retired and celebrating!

My Story as a VERY Happy Retired Person

My teaching career started in earnest after my kids were all in school. The 28+ years in our neighborhood elementary school as a first-grade, then a fourth-grade teacher was fulfilling, enjoyable, and exhausting at times. By the time I reached retirement age, I was ready to bring that stage of my life to a close. So, that June, we had a party, complete with cake, memories, and lots of celebrating.

The following day I woke up as a delighted newly retired person without the alarm clock and a schedule for the day! It was terrific for a while. Then the days started filling up with volunteering for various causes, many making other people happy. “Yes” seemed the right thing to say since there was no other real purpose or direction for my life after retirement. I kept this up for several years…busy but not satisfied or fulfilled.

And then we decided to move to Texas! Purpose landed on my life for the next year. A house needed to be sold, which meant fixing, cleaning, purging, setting up appointments…all the things. Next, we needed to pack, which meant purging, selling, giving, and organizing. Lots of organizing! We made the big move, and then I was busy decorating a brand new home. After a few months, we were settled in, and I had the opportunity to think about what I wanted to do when I grew up…my new life purpose!

That’s when I reached the exciting place of determining the new calling for the next chapter of my life! The process started after about six months in our new state. All the practical pieces of my life were in place, including my home, new church, new friends, etc. And, I had time for myself. Time to process through re-discovering my purpose for this next chapter in my life.

So, I took that time to check out some things without committing too soon. There were online classes and webinars, books, and observations. I asked lots of questions and checked in with experts. After completing the discovery process, I landed on a life purpose that excited me and is proving to be a fulfilling pursuit…a lifestyle blogger!

Stepping into your Next Chapter: The 4-Phase System For Creating the Life You Love

This system was created to help you discover your enriching, unique calling in your new season of life. As you can see, I’ve been there! It took me quite a while to make my discovery.

If you’re ready to explore, learn, make a plan, and experience life without any regrets, even if you have no idea what you want to do or what your new purpose will be, I strongly recommend Stepping into Your Next Chapter: The 4-Phase System for Creating the Life You Love.

Your Next Chapter System and Workbook

Maybe These Challenges are Still Staring You in the Face

  • Lack of Direction: That feeling that you’re floundering and unable to make a decision or make sense of things happening now as a newly retired person and in the future.
  • Control of Your Life: Some friends or family might be stepping in and taking the lead in the choices you should be making yourself.
  • Feeling Lonely: You were once surrounded by co-workers and clients, and you ‘belonged’ to essential groups. Now you’re on your own, wondering where you fit in.

Imagine a World with a Re-discovered Purpose as a Newly Retired Woman

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up excited to work on the tasks and projects on your to-do list? You brainstorm new plans to help reach dream-fulfilling goals in the near future. You step back and realize you have more peace, joy, and confidence in your 60+ life than you ever thought you could experience!

Maybe you were blessed to have a first career that was fulfilling for the season you were in. You definitely can find that again after you’ve changed your direction in life. Now, imagine going shopping for the cute new outfit(s) you’ll need for this new calling (it doesn’t matter if you’ll be working from home, you always need new clothes!) and getting the tools you’ll need to help make it all happen. Then, see yourself sharing your excitement when you get through Phase 4 in the System and can share your big news with your friends and family.

Your Next Step

Decide for you that the time is now as a very happy, next chapter woman to jump into the 4-Phase System, so you’ll be on your way to discovering your unique, revitalized retired life meaning for this new season you’ve found yourself in! The two downloadable components of the (40+ page) system (4-Phases E-Guide and Activity Workbook) walk you through a creative, thought-provoking process that will lead you to your new best life…one that you’ll love. The System is part info, activity, journaling, and creative design with resources and encouragement included to make it an enjoyable, successful endeavor.

Follow the link to purchase the 4-Phase System’s E-Guide and Workbook through our secure checkout (we use Stripe). You’ll be able to download the System to your computer immediately. Next, you’ll be ready to read through the Guide and print and complete the workbook pages.

You can begin enjoying your newfound identity, the feeling of belonging, and appreciating your fulfilled life, all while experiencing joy, peace, and confidence in your rockin’ new journey! Bon Voyage 💕

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