Prime Day 2022

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Have you heard? Prime Day 2022 is a big deal! And, it’s coming up very soon on July 12th & 13th. It’s always a fun and exciting time. Hopefully, this post will help you navigate through to the best deals for you and your ‘next chapter’ friends. This year we’re focusing on three big areas: Beauty, Electronics, and Kitchen. Each deal will be at least 25% off. See the basics below and come back often to catch the updates. I am your “60+ woman personal prime day shopper” for 2022!

Prime Day Boxes

Begin by Joining Prime

In order to get in on all the deals and play along with all the Prime Day fun, you have to be a Prime member. No worries if you’re not yet. So, if you don’t already belong, this is where you need to start. The cool thing is you can join for the 30-day free trial, get in on the Prime Day 2022 Amazon Deals and then quit. Or, keep going and get in on everything Prime (what I do). Here’s the link to get the best deal of all! Join Prime Here

Some Prime Day Basics

  • Lightning Deals: These start on the first Prime Day (the 15th) My goal is to catch the best ones asap and get them posted here for you!
  • Spotlight Deals: These also start on the 12th. Big, huge, deep discounts. Watch right here for my recommendations!
  • Giveaways: Every day. On now. Watch a quick video and be able to Enter to win amazing products. I’m going to win the iPad Pro, a Pioneer Home Theater, and a $200 Lowe’s Gift Card!
  • Prime Day Launches: Cool new products with great prices. I’m seriously interested in these that are out early:

A Couple Other Things to Remember

  • Check in here for the latest Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals, updates, and recommendations!
  • There will also be alerts and reminders in Our Next Chapter Community Facebook Group. (Click to join!)
  • Remember, there are things going on now, but the big deals and excitement start Tuesday, the 12th at 2 a.m. Central.
  • See my Disclosure Statement above and below.

Let’s Go Shopping

**Today’s Deals (Don’t Miss Out: Click Here!)**

**Today’s Deal: Lighted Magnified Tri-fold Wake-Up Mirror!**

Other Deals and Specials for You

Let’s Wrap This Up

Wasn’t that fun? I hope you got some great deals! This post will be up for a few days and then will rest and be offline until Black Friday 2022. I also hope this was a helpful shopping tool for you this Prime Day.

Here are a few posts where you can use your new deals!

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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