How to Grow Your Gratitude like a Garden. With a bouquet of tulips in the background.

Is it time to grow your gratitude? Many define gratitude or gratefulness as that warm feeling you experience with a sense of appreciation or thankfulness. The opposite of gratefulness would be a habit of complaining regularly, which doesn’t generally lead to warm feelings at all.

Gratitude or Griping

Current situations tempt us to focus mostly on the negativity rather than the positives. And, going through the global situation we’re experiencing right now, it seems justifiable to tend toward negativity and worry. There is definitely ‘social proof’ that it makes sense to complain. Everywhere you turn, there are reasons to gripe! You can find them on Facebook, on the news, on Twitter, even talking with friends and family. But, although it makes sense, is it helpful?

Oh man, do I ever know that our human hearts need to remove the toxicity that builds from all the bad news. Whether personal or global, the burden of all of that reality needs shedding at times. When we’re injured, we feel pain, and that pain needs relief.

Grow Your Habit of Gratitude

Many healthy pursuits can swing your negativity needle back to positive. We’re chatting about a powerful one right now, and that’s our helpful friend, gratitude. It takes a small amount of energy to lean towards gratefulness. But, that little choice could result in its most life-changing effects. Especially if it isn’t a once in awhile responsive action, but an on-going daily habit.

Developing a habit of gratitude, therefore, can change your overall view of life and even the day to day hard situations in your personal life. This habit takes some cultivation. Visualize putting in a new spring flowerbed, which might not be hard if that’s one of the projects you’ve been working on lately! Whether you’re starting with small plants or seeds, you are basically starting from scratch. You’re hoping the flowers will germinate, live, and flourish so that you’ll be able to enjoy them later in the spring and on into the summer. But, like any habit, regular tending and care will ensure a robust and positive result. And, in this case, a beautiful flower garden with colorful, fragrant stems ready for cutting.

Growing Your Gratitude Garden

If you’ve decided it’s time to grow your gratitude, there are some actions you can take to cultivate the beauty in your life (think sun, watering, feeding). Or, you might focus on eliminating the negative flow of information and conversation (pulling out the weeds and killing the bugs!) in your gratitude garden. 🙂 Therefore replacing the negatives with the positives. And the results for both gardens should be rewarding.

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The Perks of the Gratitude Habit

Besides having some pleasant warm feelings from the gratitude habit, what else can you expect? What are the benefits of living in a state of gratitude?

Here are a few that come to mind as possibilities:

#1 Grateful people are likely to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

#2 People who grow their gratitude might experience overall better health. (A merry heart doeth good like a medicine! Proverbs 17:22)

#3 Gratefulness helps us focus on all we have to be thankful for, thus flipping the switch from negative to positive. 

#4 In your Gratitude Garden, you’ll begin noticing the lovely, colorful blooms of joy and faith, and trust that God’s got you and that He is able to do more than we ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

#5 Plus, self-esteem levels have been known to increase once individuals realize they have enough and they are enough!

If you’re interested in other healthy habits, please check out this post called Stress-Relieving Hobbies to Calm Your Heart.

The Next Steps To Grow Your Gratitude

We defined gratitude. Then we looked at the benefits of a life focused on thanksgiving as well as the disadvantages of one focused on worry and complaining and how different they would be.

If you’d like to look at Gratitude from a Psychology Today perspective, here’s a short, concise, and helpful article to do just that. (It’s really great!)

My favorite visual from this post is growing your gratitude like you would a garden. The care and tending of a garden are similar to growing gratitude as a part of your everyday life. A part of who you are. Faith naturally weaves through thankfulness and the growth of gratitude with so many scriptures that encourage it. I’m guessing God knows how much happier we’ll be when we’re thankful. 🙂

Please Comment below if you have thoughts about gratitude. We’d love to hear them! ♥️

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