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Sometimes you just need a little boost from a friend for your last-minute Christmas shopping. You know, an idea or two to get the juices flowing. There are lots of reasons we find ourselves still needing to buy gifts at this time and in dire need of some amazing last-minute Christmas shopping ideas!

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Some possible reasons are because it’s the 2020s and shopping has changed on several levels. Other reasons are unique to our own situations. Even if the excuse is that it’s because we’ve put it off or forgotten that one person; here we are…needing to buy one or three or seven gifts and Christmas is right around the corner!

#1 Prime Time Christmas Shopping

Before jumping into any possible last-minute Christmas shopping solutions, let’s make sure of one thing! Have you tried Amazon Prime yet? You can successfully do this last-minute shopping with all the benefits of Prime (free 2-Day shipping, instant streaming of thousands of movies, unlimited ad-free access to over a million songs, and hundreds of playlists). big

Get Amazon Prime for the free trial here! You can also give the Gift of Amazon Prime here. Happily and easily gift a 3 month or year-long membership. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a college student or a young married couple?

Christmas shopping ideas pin
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#2 Christmas Gifts in Card Form

Now that we’ve got the basics taken care of, let’s get busy checking out and deciding on your last-minute deals. If you’re like me, the idea of gift cards isn’t ideal. However, they make a lot of sense at this point in the gift buying cycle! Gifts feel more personalized, but you can add your personal touch to the card itself. Amazon has tons of different designs and even animation and music. I like the card idea as opposed to cash or a check. And, of course, you can determine the amount. Easy, peasy! Start here for all those Amazon Gift Card Christmas designs:

If you’ve got a couple of days, getting a physical Amazon gift card in a box would be fun. Here’s one of the many colorful choices for that option.

Christmas Gift Cards

#3 Listening and Reading Christmas Gifts

If someone was asking me for Christmas gifts ideas, I’d have to say I absolutely LOVE Audible and don’t know what I’d do without my ‘listening books’! It makes walking and doing my stuff at the gym pass quickly. It also makes me more motivated to go because I get to find out what happens next!

My favorite genre is Christian fiction and my current favorite author is Lynn Austin. I recently finished Wonderland Creek (soooo good!) If you haven’t gotten a gift for yourself, I highly recommend this one 🙂 Audible gives you two membership options and both come with 30 day Free Trials. Also, you can stop and start up at any time. I’ve had to catch up to my books a time or two!

You can also gift Audible (a good solution, if you’ve already got it!). Here’s the link to the Gift of Audible which you can give as a 1-month, 3, 6, or 12-month duration. Your person will love you for sure!

If your friend or family member likes to hold their books and read as opposed to listening, here are a couple of book suggestions. Look at these Best Seller Cookbooks for 2021 there are many attractive titles in that group. With your Prime membership, you just might get them in time. Another great collection is (which piques my interest) is the Christian Fiction Best Sellers for 2021. If you get right on it, there’s a good chance you can get a book on its way, Mrs. Claus! We’ve been getting all of our Amazon purchases right on time and most within a day.

Audible and Book Christmas Gifts

#4 Jewelry is Never Wrong!

Even when you’re doing last-minute Christmas shopping (or especially), jewelry is always a hit! If you’re shopping for granddaughters or nieces, I love the cute group of jewelry ideas at Jewelry for Girls.

Here is a wonderful collection for some of the best last-minute solutions for women called Jewelry for Women and one of my favorites in that group is this sweet Tiny Gold Heart Initial Necklace. The one displayed has a K…it must be a sign!

Last-Minute Jewelry Choices

Let’s Wrap it Up

My goal in this post was to lighten up your stress as you’re entering the last days before Christmas! I hope some of the suggestions ‘worked’ for your last-minute Christmas shopping. You might even already have your Christmas shopping done. If you’re using Amazon to do your shipping, you know you can add gift bags to the fun, but you don’t have to!

All the gifts come in a box and you can do like my sister and I have done this year. We just put big bows on the Amazon boxes and call it good! I also added a “Merry Christmas” in the name line on the shipping address. This will help to keep the gift packages separate from the others. You can also include a gift receipt (not to be opened until the gift is) with the package.

Maybe next year you’ll start Christmas shopping early (if you’re like me, probably not) but even if not blessings on you and your family during this special time! I feel God’s closeness and hope you do too as we celebrate the birth of His son. May this Christmas be especially meaningful and real to you this year!

Love to y’all and a Joyous Christmas to you and yours! Kathy

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