One of Our Favorite Texas Hotspots

Georgetown is in the middle of Texas. It’s about 25 miles north of Austin and is the Williamson County seat. There are approximately 50,000 residents in this beautiful, historic city. (If you’re curious we’ve quickly mentioned a couple of other Texas Hotspots over here.)

We hopped in our car this last Saturday afternoon with plans to meet our restaurant exploring buddies Stacy and Tom in the Georgetown Square. The four of us had planned this trip about a month ago to coincide with a visit to the Genius Bar in Austin. Confused appointment dates (my fault) and under the weather issues forced a re-set on our plans. This visit was perfect. A little early rain and clouds cooled things off for our walking tour of downtown.

Once again I was happily overwhelmed with the realization that we’re not on vacation. We don’t have to rush and fit everything into one trip! So, we didn’t. Stacy and I checked out a few shops and made a mental list of others for future visits, while the guys scouted out a spot at the restaurant.

The Georgetown Highlights
Georgetown's Victorian Buildings in the Square
  • The Georgetown Visitor Information Center; a must-stop if you’re new to town. Clean, cool and nice restrooms. A very helpful lady on duty as well as a few things to buy and tons of info on the town and other spots in Texas.
  • We did a quick pass through The Williamson Museum. Small but fun and informative. Loved learning about Sam Houston’s daughter “Nannie” who married Capt. Morrow of Williamson. They had 6 children and also raised her younger siblings after her mother died. We loved seeing her wedding dress on display.
  • Georgetown Square has quite the collection of high Victorian commercial architecture. From the Courthouse (1910) to the Masonic Lodge (1900) to the Lesesne-Stone Building (1884) and many others. So much history associated with each. You could spend hours discovering all the stories there. (See photos below.)
  • We turned a corner and were welcomed into the World Headquarters of the Day Tripper. Love that show and website.
  • Art galleries, eateries, gift shops, and antique stores. Georgetown is a shopper’s paradise! We will be back 🙂
And, then we had dinner…
Georgetown's Blue Corn Harvest Bar and Grill

Our main purpose in visiting Georgetown (besides shopping and admiring the architecture) was to try out one of the highly recommended restaurants. And, we did. We loved the Blue Corn Harvest Bar and Grill. The food was delicious, but there are so many menu items we need to try in the future! We also need to try the Monument Cafe and Wildfire. Oh, and Nancy’s Sky Garden. That’s our list for now. I’m sure there will be others added as time goes by. And, what fun all that discovering will be!

Your Turn

Have you been to one of these restaurants? Which one would you go to if you could? We can check your choice out for you and report back later!

Yes, the Lord pours down his blessings. Our land will yield its bountiful harvest. Psalms 85:12 NLT

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