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Have you heard about creating your one word of focus for the new year? Have you done that in previous years as a part of your New Year’s celebration maybe? I think this is my 3rd year choosing a special word for my own new year and I love going through the process. For me, it involves prayer and some thought. If you haven’t done it before, I’m going to give you the quick method since we’re already a few days into 2021. If you have done it, consider this a refresher course or maybe a little boost to land on your word.

What is the One Word?

Just like most people set New Year’s resolutions, there are also a lot of people who choose a unique word for the year. It came into being several years ago. There have been books written, articles posted, and I’m sure even classes given on what your one word could be. It’s actually very simple! It’s a word of your choice that will help you focus on an idea, an action, or a character trait for the ensuing months.

It can be very powerful because if you work it right, you’ll be laser-focused on that one concept and many other parts of your life can flow from that word. Your personal and business goals could be affected. The direction of your spiritual growth might be impacted as well. Any part of your life that you choose to bring into this process might just be powerfully changed by this one word.

Your One Word can be way better than a resolution!

Why is Your One Word a Good Thing?

We’ve mentioned a few positive effects of your word, but let’s go a little deeper with this and consider the changes you might see in your day to day life. Isn’t that where we’re hoping our resolutions and goals will make a difference as well? If our daily lives aren’t impacted, why bother?

The trick is to keep your one word in your FACE! How might you do that? Here’s a quick list: make it your phone wallpaper, put it on your fridge, or create a printed poster for your office. Think about where you will see it and then change it up every month or so. It’s like the ‘piles phenomena’. After a while the piles go invisible and you totally forget they’re there.

Click on this Pin and Share it on your Favorite Board!

Discover your one word pin for the New Year of 2021.

Keep your word nearby when you’re goal-setting. I love setting my goals per quarter (left-over from my teaching days). Now, when I sit down to crank out Q1’s Big 4, I’ll have my word right there to inspire and direct me. If you’ve got a ‘good word’ it will guide you through life, business, home, and faith goals. I challenge you and me to be aware of our words throughout the year. I imagine if we are, our results will be vastly different than if we’d opted to bypass this whole process. Pretty exciting, right?!

Your One Word Resources

The best resource for discovering your own unique word is your own brain. Use your imagination to guide your heart when you’re attempting to land on that word. And, pray. Ask God to guide you to the best word for you for this year. He will. Of course, using resources might be a part of that process. 🙂

Here is a list of published resources if you’re interested in doing some research and finding more information about the process. Some resources also have lists of words. Don’t settle too quickly on your word, but those lists can ‘prime the pump’ of your thinking. On the other hand, if you find a word on a list and it feels right to you, take it as your own. There are no rules about copying! And, there are also no rules about changing your word midstream, especially if you’re new to the whole concept.

Resource List:

Several possible words to choose from for My One Word for the year.
  • The My One Word website. All things ‘one word’ including the book, detailed directions for choosing, and an amazing list of words.
  • My One Word Facebook page. Current information and updated suggestions and tips and fun ideas.
  • The My One Word Personal Retreat. An amazing 7-page resource to use when you take time to either find a special spot away from home or a quiet spot in the house.
  • Last but not least, The My One Word book! I own it and highly recommend it for this process.

My Own Word

I told you near the beginning of this post that I’ve chosen mine for the year. Last year my word was ‘Shine’. I loved that word! It encouraged me throughout the year to ‘shine my light’ in a variety of ways. My blog update to become more openly faith-based late in the year was a part of that word’s affect. I’m not going to stop ‘shining’ but now I’m ready for a new focus.

My word for 2021 landed in my brain on the 3rd or 4th of January. I’d been thinking about it, had mentioned it as a quick prayer but that was really all I did this year. And, then that morning I woke up with the word ‘transformation’ on my heart. There was no doubt that was my one word for this year! Plans and thoughts and possibilities chugged around in my head shortly after my word landed.

Some of the ideas and plans I have for transformation relate to my faith. God is in the transforming business, so I know focusing on growing in my faith and getting to know Jesus better will fit right in! I love Romans 12:2. “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Another area ripe for transformation is my blog. I’m always looking for a better way to share with my friends here on Quiet Hollow. Part of that transformation will be working on new resources (both free and paid) that will add enjoyment and value to your lives. It’s been incredible having such a powerful word while planning Q1!

Let’s Wrap This Up

Are you ready to find your one word for this year? Has this post inspired you to give it a try? I hope so! Would you share your word below? We would love to hear what your word is (maybe you’ve already completed the process). And, if you like to share, how will you be applying your word to your life and your planning for this year?

One of my favorite posts on Quiet Hollow is called “What is This Thing Called Hope?” If you opt for the word HOPE as your one word, it could give you some great ideas for the year. Plus, it’s an encouraging ray of sunshine for your life.

Here’s a little form for you to print and record your word. 🙂

A poster for your one word :)

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