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I have clear memories of my mom calling out to us kids, “Company’s coming!” “We need to pick up and get ready, FAST!” We needed to jump into speed cleaning mode. My mom kept a clean house, so it wasn’t like we needed to scrub toilets or mop floors. But, the clutter of daily living would have accumulated, and she wasn’t crazy to have it all be seen by whoever was dropping in at the last minute.

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I find myself going into “Company’s Coming” speed cleaning mode occasionally and have thought it would make sense to have a clear strategy or protocol to kick into at that time. I thought you might want one as well. Therefore, I’ve written this post and also have a Speed Cleaning Checklist for you to print out and have on hand for those every-once-in-a-while occurrences. There might also be times that you just don’t want to spend a long time cleaning for whatever reason (including not being ‘in the mood!)

One thing you can do before you ever get that last-minute ‘Company’s Coming’ call, is to make sure you’ve got good cleaning tools and products on hand. A good duster, sponges, toilet scrubber and cleaner, sink, and counter spray; you know the products you love and that work for you. And, if you don’t, do some research and get the good stuff. You’ll need a container on hand to grab the clutter and a couple of new candles to add to the ambiance. You’ll be the most prepared last-minute cleaner ever with these easy cleaning hacks.

Speed Cleaning Tools

Here are a few tools that will speed up your speed cleaning if “Company’s Coming”!

Quick Overview of 5 Speed Cleaning Tips

C is for Clutter

Clutter is the first and most important issue to hit and you need to hit it hard! This speed cleaning routine covers the hot spots in your house. So, starting with clutter just grab a container and slide the clutter in it. (But, don’t forget where you put the container!) Give yourself 5 minutes max to get the job done.

L is for Living Room

After you’ve hit the clutter, you can move on to the living room. Think dust, fluff, and picking up big chunks. This can be accomplished in 5 as well. If you’re doing this as a timed speed cleaning, use the stop-watch function on your phone and make sure you beat it!

E is for Eating Area

On to the kitchen and dining room. A few more things here, but they’re obvious. Think surfaces and kitchen messiness. Set the timer for seven minutes in this area. If this is a dinner gathering you’ll be spending more time here eventually.

A is for Anything Else

As you continue the speed cleaning of your house, don’t forget to hit the bathroom, then eyeball the entryway and finish with whatever else is you see. This last bit could take up to eight minutes.

N is for No Time

If your company is less than 5 or 10 minutes away, go into Super Speed Cleaning Mode! Eyeball your living space and attack the critical things first: Big clutter, sink dishes, stale bathroom, chunky floor. Light a candle. Do what you can and know that their house probably is enjoying the lived-in look as well!

Hopefully, you will enjoy the visit and WON’T comment about the dust you missed or the opened mail on the counter. Just think of it as part of the ambiance of your home. 🙂

Download your free Speed-Cleaning Checklist

Wrap it Up

Deep cleaning a messy house weekly or otherwise will make speed cleaning activities minimal. But, normal family life tends to hi-jack clean houses! And, if last-minute guests are arriving very soon, the house will look like it’s going to look!

However, two things are true. You can always say ‘not tonight’ and reschedule for another time. A ‘no’ response is totally acceptable. And, an explanation is never required. Or, if you want to see these people and they really need to see you, do what you can and then embrace the time with your people.

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Company's Coming Speed Cleaning Checklist to help clean your messy house in a hurry!

Warm hospitality comes out on top when going up against a spotless house! Your guests came to spend time with you and once you’ve picked up’ kick back and spend your best time with them. Everybody wins!

Now it’s time to say, “Congratulations!” You are amazing! If you completed steps 1-4 within 25 minutes or less, you should be crowned SPEED HOUSE CLEANING QUEEN FOR THE DAY! Pat yourself on the back, post it on Facebook, and then go pour yourself a glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee; put your feet up and wait for your company to arrive!

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