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Who needs an After Christmas Checklist? This year’s Christmas holiday has come and gone, and it’s time to plan your attack on your after-Christmas task list. Here are five items that will efficiently and quickly get you back on track to normal in the blink of an eye (well, almost!)

after christmas checklist

As with every list of tasks, it’s acceptable to enlist help to get the job done. A spouse or grandchild could make accomplishing the checklist that much easier. (You’ll have to decide if that’s the case for you. 😉 ) So, here’s your quick list. Make sure and have fun as you check things off the list, which I believe is the most satisfying thing of all!

Also, at the bottom of the post, there’s a link to our free Happy Hostess Holiday Go-To Meals Workbook. It will give you some great ideas for informal meals after Christmas and New Years’. You might find one that would work for your Checklist working time!

#1 Put the Gifts away from Under the Tree

Find a spot for your new treasures as the first step in your after-Christmas checklist, even if it’s out in the garage, so you can know where to find it next year to be used as a white elephant gift! Decide which ones you might need to return or exchange. And move them along.

For the gifts you’re keeping and will be using right now, find their spot and put them to use. Let the giver know how much you appreciate it and how useful it is to you. Hopefully, the gifts you’re returning are from far-away givers!

#2 Take Photos Before you Take Down the Decorations

I always wish I had done that because I’m a ‘process decorator.’ That means I set things one way and then maybe put something else in the middle or take something away. And, eventually, it looks just right. Having photos provide a starting place for me. Most importantly, save the photos someplace where you can find them! Maybe print them out and put them in the Christmas decorations tub.

This year I opted to use less than I normally do. I made myself not feel obligated to put it all out. And I’m very pleased with the result. My next challenge is deciding what to keep of the pieces I didn’t use this year.

You can also take photos of your after-Christmas/winter decorating. I love our Christmasy decorated house and am sad to have to un-do all the cozy cuteness of our personal North Pole home. So, I’ll consider incorporating some of the holiday elements into my winter look this year.

#3 The After-Christmas Take Down

We usually leave things up till after New Year’s. But this year could be WAYYYY different (it just might be a little later than that!) We’re not the keep things up until March types, but we want to ‘get our money’s worth’. After New Year’s Day, I’m ready to get things going and put Christmas and its memories behind me. Whenever you choose, that’s right for you. ❤️

Remember, too, that this is a great time to organize and purge. Your next year self will be so happy you did! I plan to label the tubs as I categorically fill them.

Save to your favorite Christmas board on Pinterest!

#4 Re-organize the Christmas Tubs

Everything’s down. They’re roughly grouped into shiny little piles and ready to return to bed in their respective tubs. But wait, let’s take a breath and a few minutes to consider organizing all these traditional holiday treasures differently.

One way to tub your decorations and treasures could be by area. We decorate the credenza in the living room, the fireplace mantle in the family room, the niche in the entry, a couple of antique pieces here and there, and the coffee and end tables. I might pack up each space and mark that. How easy would next year be?!

This article goes into more detail regarding organizing after Christmas. I recommend reading it for helpful suggestions! How to Safely Store and Organize Holiday Decor

#5 Your Favorite After-Christmas Sale

When do after Christmas sales start? Most are already going! I know Hobby Lobby’s had their Christmas stuff at 70% off. It’s now marked down to 75% off! Wow…might be worth it!

Going back into a retail store might be close to nauseating at this point, so this one’s totally up to you! But shopping after Christmas sales on decorations and wrapping materials can’t be beaten. We’re building our outside decoration and will look for that little family of lighted deer. Or, the white nativity set. Got my eyes open!

Download Your Free Holiday Meals Workbook!

Returning is not my favorite activity, but it can be palatable if you time it right, go mentally prepped, and are not hungry. Early is usually best if you’ve got the flexibility in your schedule to do that. Visit with the people around you or get on your email while you wait.

Let’s Wrap This Up

As you put a big bow on Christmas this year, remember that it’s up to you how quickly or slowly you wrap IT up! If you want to let the holidays linger a little longer, go for it. Take it down and put it away when you’re ready. And, if you’d just as soon get that stuff back in the boxes and piled back in storage, that’d be perfect as well.

We all know Christmas is more about our focus on the Baby born that day who grew up to give His life for us eventually. So, taking advantage of after-Christmas sales, returning the not-quite-right presents, packing the decorations, and all the items on the checklist are secondary to the amazing life and promises were given to us through the real Gift of Christmas.

Blessings on y’all as we look forward with excitement to another New Year. Happy, Happy New Year, my friends!

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  1. I loved the photo idea for keeping track of decoration locations, etc. Why didn’t I think of that?! Thanks for the ideas to help me start 2021 on the right foot! Cheers!

    1. Kathy Rowland says:

      Thanks Jane! Yup, that came to me this year because I really liked how things landed in the decorating process AND I knew I wouldn’t remember what I did! Happy checking off your list!

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