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It’s a good thing the quality of your Christmas celebration is not dependent on what’s going on around you. There have definitely been some challenges over the last couple of years to contend with. Sometimes those challenges help to spotlight the truly valuable parts of our lives. If, however, this year is personally hard for whatever reason, I’m going to suggest a few simple steps to raise this Christmas to the rank of Best Christmas Ever or at least to the meaningful, enjoyable level. Here we go:

Romans 15:13 to make this your best Christmas ever

Step #1 to Your Best Christmas Ever – DECIDE

Sometimes you need to simply decide that things are going to be good. Believe they can. Okay, I know that won’t totally flip the switch, but it’s a start! Open your mind to the possibility of this at least being a ‘good’ if not the BEST Christmas. Your creative mind will start opening up to ideas of how this can actually be true. Trust me on this one as we go onto Step #2. (Give it a try.)

Step #2 to Your Best Christmas – CONNECT

I’m sure you’ve been shopping, wrapping, and shipping (or, at least getting ready to), so you’ve been thinking about how you can bless your family and friends this year. Let’s take that a step further; start making a plan to CONNECT even more than in previous years.

Depending on where you live, getting together might vary in how easy that’ll be to accomplish. If you can though, start thinking about who would be really blessed by your reaching out. There are always those in the neighborhood, or your church who could use a little visit, a plate of cookies, or maybe just a personally delivered Christmas card. Get to thinking of possibilities people!

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Step #3 to Your Best Christmas Ever – HOPE

Another step toward the best Christmas in the middle of difficult circumstances would be to search out hope. And, I mean the hope of biblical proportions. The kind of hope found in God’s word. Not the wishing you well or crossing your fingers kind.

If you’re a part of God’s family (a believer in Jesus), you and I have that kind of Hope. The BIG H kind of Hope.

  • The kind of hope that is solid in what the future holds. Yes, that means eternal life and in heaven. That solid knowing is a concrete foundation that is there ALL the time. We know where we’re going. The last worry has been taken care of. Romans 8:23-25
  • The kind of hope where you can trust that God loves you more than you can imagine and wants His best for you. (That’s sometimes different than what we think is best.) Hebrews 6:18-19 (so good!)
  • The kind of hope that fills you completely with joy and peace! There it is. Wow. I’ll take that kind of Hope! Romans 15:13.

Here’s a sweet little post I wrote a while back that just might encourage you even more to have hope. ❤️ It’s called, “What is This Thing Called Hope?”

Step #4 to Your Best Christmas EVER 2021 – TAKE YOURSELF SHOPPING!

Your family might have asked you what you want for Christmas. Mine usually surprises me and often times makes me cry with the sweetness and appropriateness of their gifts. How do they know what I want?

Sometimes though there are those things you would really love to see under the tree with your name on it. So, right here and now, I make it official! Go buy (or order) yourself the gift that would make you the happiest this year! (If someone gets you that thing, it’s totally okay. Take yours back and get yourself your next best thing! Even better!!)

Here’s my list of gifts I’m considering getting myself this year:

Let’s Wrap this UP

Maybe one of those four steps was the boost you needed to create a great Christmas for this year. Deciding, Connecting, Hoping or (my favorite) Shopping (for yourself 🤶). Throw in a few little things like trying a new recipe or making a Christmas craft with your grandkids and the chances of a great Christmas increase substantially. And, your ability to experience the joy of Christmas increases as well.

Now’s a good time to think about the difference between fun and joy. Mario Murillo just wrote this in his most recent blog post,

Fun is circumstantially based. Fun happens only when things go right.

Joy is from within. It is an artesian well that is not based on circumstances or how things are going. Joy rises to conquer everything that is going on in your life. It is a relentless hope that tells you, no matter what happens, everything will turn out all right.

by Mario Murillo | Dec 19, 2021 

We need that kind of joy, right?

Don’t forget to get your focus on the REAL reason we celebrate this time of the year!

And, if nothing else, don’t forget to go get yourself that Christmas present! The one you know you’ll love because you’re the one picking it out! Merry, Merry Christmas!!

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