My Story

Grammie and the girls at In-n-Out

Hello, I’m Kathy a contented Baby Boomer and low-risk taker who loves something new once I’ve jumped in! I also love the Beatles, Three Dog, and Worship music. I love and miss hanging out with my high school friends, siblings, and work friends. I love exploring Texas with my cute husband and getting to know new Texas friends. My favorite dinner is meatloaf and baked potatoes or barbecue brisket. I love endless summers and ocean waves. 

My husband Rick and I moved from our deep-rooted life and home in Western Washington State (Poulsbo) to Central Texas (Temple/Belton) in the Summer of 2018. Not too long before that our whole family caught the ‘Let’s Move to Texas’ bug and we all started on the ‘Rowland Family Texadus’ (not very similar to the Israelites leaving Egypt, but it was a long trek!).

Initially, I thought the idea was absurd! But it grew on me and after a week-long scouting trip that spring to see ‘how my heart felt’ down here, we couldn’t not move. I fell in love with Central Texas!

First to make the move South was our son Kyle and his wife Shaina who settled in the Austin area. Shortly after, our youngest daughter Kasey, husband Josh and two daughters landed in Ft. Hood. Last, but not least, daughter Kelly, husband Jeremiah and three boys moved to our neighborhood in the summer of 2019!

In that mix of three adult children and spouses are seven amazing grandkids who bring huge chunks of joy to their Grammie’s heart.

Additionally, I am a very happily retired elementary teacher who always wanted to do more writing. Here I am, enjoying a life that allows for that. And, I discovered I love blogging! (It’s very conducive to my somewhat introverted personality. 🙂 ) Even learning how to use WordPress and work with the website’s theme has been fun. Collecting ideas that might inspire or cause a chuckle or bring hope keeps my eyes open. However, bringing the posts to life is what really gets me charged up!

 Besides writing, I love to shop, read a ‘can’t put it down’ quality fiction book, try new restaurants and recipes, and watch a good TV series (currently watching ‘Downton Abbey’ on Prime.) I loved setting up our new home and decorating for Christmas this year. 

You’ll notice as you read the posts that my faith is part of everyday life for me. It brings me hope, encourages my trust in God, and helps me laugh along the way while living this wonderful, crazy life we get. Especially this part they call ‘senior’ (how can that even be?!)

 I’m really glad you’re here. And, I hope there will be a way for us to connect. Getting to know people is one of my favorite things to do, especially online (I’m not a great ‘small-talker’ at parties!)

I love feedback, suggestions, and sharing life’s challenges. And, don’t you know this stage has its challenges?!

So, friends, that’s my story to this point. Thanks for listening.