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With Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday right around the corner, here’s some BF trivia. It’s a little-known fact that Black Friday was first acknowledged in Philadelphia in 1961. It was called Black Friday because of the heavy traffic and noisy pedestrians. The day after Thanksgiving has officially started the Christmas shopping season since 1952. But, not until recently has Black Friday come to be the day when retailers went from ‘red’ to ‘black’ in sales. And shoppers flood the stores and online sites looking for the best deals possible.

Black Friday shoppers

3 Types of Black Friday Shoppers

It appears to me there are 3 main types of Black Friday shoppers. There are probably more (or maybe less), but these three have become apparent to me as a lifelong Black Friday shopper myself. See which you are and decide if you might want to modify your type. 🙂

#1 The Warrior

The first type might be called the Warrior. This shopper begins the Black Friday attack as soon as the doors open, whether that’s some time on Thanksgiving or at 5 a.m. on Friday morning, or even midnight. Warriors come prepared with a list of what they’re getting and where everything is. They consider themselves assertive rather aggressive. However, if that DVD player is on their list in the Warrior universe, it is rightfully theirs and belongs in their cart. (They’re usually polite and apologetic to those that get pushed aside. Usually.)

#2 The Hunter

The second type of Black Friday shopper is the Hunter. Hunters are similar in some ways to Warriors, but they typically don’t shop on Thanksgiving. (They want to, but they opt to go to bed early so they can beat all the Warriors to the front of the line in the morning.) Hunters are also very organized with their detailed shopping lists and attack plans.

They’re wearing comfortable shoes and clothes. And, they have a protein bar in their purse JIC there isn’t time for breakfast. (However, they did make an essential Starbucks run on the way.) Hunters are on a mission to hunt and catch their prey (that DVD player), but they are quiet, calculating, and effective. While the Warriors are loudly battling other Warriors for their quest, Hunters quietly slip in and take the prize.

#3 The Butterfly

Lastly are the Black Friday Butterflies. Butterflies are typically happy and calm. They enjoy taking their time and smelling the roses. They don’t enjoy getting up before dawn, waiting in long lines, being anywhere there are fluorescent lights, and being without something sweet to drink. Therefore, BF Butterflies spend every last minute with family and friends on Thanksgiving (please pass the Reisling!) They go to bed at a reasonable hour after watching parades and football games all day.

Black Friday pin.
A Christmas Pin

Butterflies think the idea of Black Friday is cute, and they’re amused at all the Warriors and Hunters who jump into the fray. They opted to sleep in that morning, still full from Thanksgiving dinner. They don’t like crowds (and those darn fluorescent lights), so after considering running over to Walmart and Best Buy to get in on the fun, they decide to stay home. Butterflies don’t have their Christmas lists ready yet. (Aren’t you supposed to wait till AFTER THANKSGIVING?!) So, they watch some more football or Hallmark, eat some leftovers, and hope there are at least a few good deals left when they start their Christmas shopping!

This is also the Cyber Monday crowd. They know that Black Friday 2022 will continue through the weekend, and then there will be more on sale on Monday. They don’t have tired feet from shopping…maybe tired fingers from scrolling. 😊

5 Tips for Black Friday Shopping Success

Those shopper types are kind of silly, right? Well, maybe a teeny bit truthful. Where ever you see yourself in the types of shoppers, the tips below could be helpful if you decide to participate in one of our nation’s favorite holidays. Black Friday (and now also Cyber Monday!)

Tip #1: Create Your Christmas List

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to start the Christmas lists. Especially if most everyone you’re buying for will be together in one place. They can fill out a fun kids’ List for Santa as part of the Turkey Day activities. Near the bottom of this post is a Holiday Lists link which includes the Santa List, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Planner, and a Christmas Shopping Tracker.

Tip #2: Study the Ads

It only makes sense to thoroughly understand what’s out there and where. So, I suggest gathering up the ads of your favorite BF stores. I watch out for Target, Best Buy, and Amazon (click on each for their Black Friday ads/info).

Since I tend toward the Butterfly type of shopper, I will do most of my shopping online. Here’s a little list of my online recommendations:

  • Black Friday on AmazonLots of deals, surprises, and Early Black Friday Deals It’s huge and wonderful, and you can probably find everything on your shopping list! For shopping ideas for your grandkids, check out this post: The Best 12 Gifts for Your Grandkids for Christmas 2022.
  • Prayerful PlannerIf you’re shopping for a sister, a friend, or a mom, may I recommend the Prayerful Planner? Mine came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I’m in love! I’ve tried several planner systems over the years, and I believe I’ve landed on one I will use, and that will help me with goals, Bible study, and setting a regular quiet time. Plus, it’s just plain cute! (Click my link, and you’ll get a 10% discount plus, Black Friday specials are going on right now!)
  • Plan to EatIf you or someone you know loves to cook and collect recipes, here’s a great online gift (My full review is HERE). It’s an amazing app called Plan to Eat! I was using it this morning for Thanksgiving. I search my recipes, plan them into the calendar, and then create a shopping list when I’m ready to hit my H.E.B. (Plan to Eat has a huge Black Friday 50% off deal coming up on the 25th through the 28th, but you can check it out with their 30 Day Free Trial right now. Click here!)

Tip #3: Plan Your Route

Step it out, then Google or Apple Maps or Waze it for driving. This step is unnecessary if you’re only shopping online, of course. But, if you’ll be visiting multiple stores, it would be very handy to have the route planned out. A Starbucks or other coffee stop needs to be an added stop on your route!

Tip #4: Prep Yourself

There’s probably no need to do any training program before Black Friday, but there are a few things to do for yourself to make the time more enjoyable for everyone. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Or, get as much sleep as possible, especially if you’re getting up for a super-early opening time. Eat a healthy breakfast and pop some protein bars in your bag. Use your breathing (like my favorite yoga teacher says!) and step away when you feel the need.

Tip #5: SHOP

Jump in. Enjoy yourself. And score those great deals! Americans are really lucky to have these great deal days to take the pressure off our budgets. Invite a friend and make a day of it!

Here are the forms I mentioned earlier. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday Planner has room for several gift ideas with stores or websites and prices. There’s a spot for your Shopping Attack Itinerary as well. Everything you need to lead you to Black Friday Success! Have fun with the Dear Santa form, and continue your shopping experience with the Christmas Shopping Tracker. All free for you!

A Holiday Gift!

3 Lists to Simplify Your Holiday Shopping 🎄

Winning through the Holidays

Black Friday has become one of our busiest American holidays. It can be a wonderfully fun time with its traditions. And then, on December 1st, we enter the Advent Season in anticipation of celebrating the most momentous birthday that ever occurred! May this time between Holidays be full of peace and joy and life for you. I believe the Baby born that day brought those gifts to us!

Remember to take care of yourself as you enter the holiday season. It is so easy to overdo the going, the giving, and the getting. It’s simply the time we celebrate Jesus’ birth; ask Him to help you stay balanced with all the things. He’s waiting for you to reach out!

The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.

Psalms 28:7

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