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If you’re a Next Chapter Woman (retired, a grandma, an empty-nester, or into your 60s), discovering a new style might be one of your first goals for this exciting time. The process could be a bit intimidating or challenging. When you get to the store, do you look at those racks, not knowing where to begin? The idea of personal styling hasn’t been top of mind for you, and then knowing what the fashion trends are now is more confusing. Plus, you might have body shape or aging issues that make shopping not even fun.

Don’t worry! Help is here…you are not alone. We’ve got the info you need and the encouragement to give it a try. If you’re like me, you’re not out to spend much money on clothes, nor is your goal to become a style diva. We’re looking for comfortable-fitting, shape-flattering clothes in a trending style that works for our unique selves. We’re interested in giving you these tips on how to find your own personal style.

Summery pink uniquely styled outfit.
It’s always fun to try a new look. I love these colors together.

Did you watch “What Not to Wear” when it was on TV? The top-rated show with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly was a smash hit, and the re-runs are still going if you can find them. I’ve been watching on Discovery+ if you’ve got that service. If you remember, it was about taking a nominated sister, friend, or daughter who needed a style make-over. Or, so her friends and relatives thought! I love a good ‘before and after,’ so I was a massive fan of the show, always wondering what I would do with that $5,000 charge card to spend on my new wardrobe.

If I only had a fistful of $5,000 gift cards to give away! Instead, let’s pretend you have one in your hand. And we’ll all walk through the five style-finding resources to learn a little about ourselves. And a little about how we can dress in our unique style. The style will be comfortable, cute, and maybe a little sassy!

5 Ways to Find Your New, Personal Style

#1 Quizzes and Forms and Ideas

‘Know (and Love) Your Body‘ is an excellent overview of body types written by Nikita Oliver Metcalfe over at Hungry Wardrobe. Defining our shapes will shoot us miles ahead as we find clothing and styles that flatter our forms. 

Hungry Wardrobe also has info to ‘Discover Your Colours’ and ‘Build Your Wardrobe.’ Next, look at the Find Your Personal Style post. It has a quiz, photos, and descriptions. Fun, right? Give it a try and see where you land.

When you’re done with this personal style research, you can print and fill out ‘My Stylebook.’ You’ll be prepared to take your imaginary gift card out for a highly informed shopping spree.

Grab your 5 Hot Tips to Start Your Next Chapter off with a BANG!

#2 Courses for that Personal Touch

If you’d rather have more support with the process, there are courses you can take online and locally. The 40 Plus Style website has several style-finding resources for us ‘seasoned ladies.’ Author Sylvia Van De Logt also offers a ’21 Steps to a More Stylish You’ course.

Not sure about this one, but it’s inexpensive and looks helpful: Let me know if you give it a try.

Plug in a quick Google search for local personal fashion stylists. Read reviews, and give them a call; your local person might just be the ticket for your refreshed look.

#3 New Personal Style Tips, Blogs, and Retail

Additionally, some bloggers regularly post style-worthy suggestions with photos. I’ve followed Susan at since she was ’50 Not Frumpy’! Her original before and after photos were quite inspiring!

Before and After of Susan after 60
What a difference! Check out Susan’s blog here.

I always say ‘Wow!’ when I see these two!

Frump Fighters is a system of downloadable (and print if you choose) resources, including style guides, calendars, and checklists. Their tagline is Love Your Clothes Again. I have several of their resources and have gleaned some great ideas and motivation from them. Most of the resources are geared toward busy moms, but many things apply to older women.

Several of the tops at Covered Perfectly get me excited. Pauline also writes a helpful blog with suggestions and ideas. I will let you know how they fit and hang. From what I’ve read, it sounds like they’re lovely.

#4 Styling Services and Those Boxes

Stitch-Fix is probably the best known. I joined to try it out and found the process fun and informational for my style. They nailed my style and sent me several pieces that would’ve been fun to wear. The price tags were on the high end of my budget for clothing (which is in the Old Navy category). I loved the concept and will try again in a few months. If nothing else, click on the link to answer their questions in determining your style.

Thred Up is slightly different because they provide a box of used clothing. You can buy and sell through this site. I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll be doing any ‘Thredding,’ but I have friends who swear by it. They’ll give you $10 to spend, and I’ll get $10 through this link. Win-Win 🙂

Okay, I JUST signed up for this one and am most enthusiastic about it. It’s pretty new, but it sounds impressive. You have to go through the Amazon Prime app. It’s called Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe. It’s similar to the others, but you have 7 days to try on things before you send them back for free (bag’s included). And, again, you get to answer the questions which could solidify your style for shopping on your own. There’s a $4.99 monthly fee, but you can cancel anytime. I’ll keep you posted on this one too. They ask before they ship, so you’ve got a little more control than with SF.

#5 Magazines, Books, and Friends

And, of course, there are always these three resources. Your favorite magazine can give you tons of ideas of what’s current. Books on style in the library are fun to check out. And trusted, well-styled friends (preferably with the personal style you lean towards) will give great advice.

I love thumbing through Glamour, Vogue, and InStyle, to name a few. The Pioneer Woman and Woman’s Day will also provide some ideas of what you like (and don’t). Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) now has her colorful, comfortable clothing line at Walmart. I love using print media in finding my personal style.

Shopping with friends with good style ideas for new style
Shopping can be fun when you have a clearer idea about your style.

I’ve mentioned the book “How Not to Look Old” before. Love that one. You might enjoy reading another blog post called 3 Tips to Not Look Old! Fun and informative as well.

Are you ready for your new style?

Wow! We’ve looked at many resources to help you find your unique personal style. From magazine ideas to style boxes to online quizzes! Can you see yourself being willing to try one or two of the ideas? Maybe with the hope that you might land on something you would’ve never thought you’d love, but find that you do! Have some fun.

Do baby steps if you need to, but put some thought and energy into finding this thing called your unique style. Throw out or give away those pieces you don’t wear anymore, and ‘GO SHOPPING, GIRLFRIEND!’ Most importantly of all, imagine success! Imagine walking into Macy’s or Penney’s or Old Navy and knowing what you’re looking for and grabbing a few things to try on to see if they match that new picture in your head of your new style (cute, sassy, comfortable – or maybe all three!)

Ps 139:14 I am fearfully made.

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