A Place for 60+ Women in their Next Chapter…

to discover ways to charge forward with new purpose, focus, and faith toward a more rewarding life than they’ve ever experienced before.

Quiet Hollow might be the perfect place for you if you’ve entered your next chapter of life. Maybe you’re retired from your primary career work, your children have had children, and/or you came of age in the wild and crazy 1960s.

If you join us on Quiet Hollow, you’ll become part of a group looking at new ways to enrich their already productive lives. You’ll find yourself laughing at the silliness around you, including yourself! You’ll hear about fun things like yummy recipes, natural, easy makeup tricks, or making your home cute.

We’ll also honestly and gently look at some of the challenges we have during this season. All things aging, feeling alone at times, or missing a sense of purpose can de-rail the happiest of baby-boomer women.

With doses of humor, grace, Bible wisdom, and hope, we’ll all walk into a rich next chapter in the 2020s. Are you ready?

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